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Earn Up to 7.2% Interest PA Gross by Investing in Short-Term UK Property Loans!

With Kuflink, an online peer-to-peer investment platform, you can invest in UK property loans from as little as £100.

  • There are no fees to pay
  • Kuflink Bridging invests 20% in every deal alongside you
  • Your interest is paid monthly
  • We are fully authorised by the FCA

Kuflink is the only peer-to-peer platform in Europe that invests 20% in every deal alongside you. This means that in the unlikely event that a borrower was to default, Kuflink would lose it’s 20% stake first before any investors are affected. Although we can assure you, our investors have never lost a penny to date! Kuflink’s 20% guarantee provides you with additional security that you won’t find anywhere else.

How it Works

Set up an account using your email address so you can log in to our online lending platform and view the opportunities we have available.

Tell us what type of lender you are, for example a ‘Retail Client’.

Kuflink is regulated by the FCA and as such we are required to carry out an identity check on our lenders before they can invest. Don’t worry, this is not a credit check and won’t leave a footprint on your credit history. We’ll request details such as your date of birth and passport number, it’ll take just 2 minutes to complete!

You can top up from a minimum of £100 and start investing as soon as your money has been credited to your online account.

Once you have topped up take a look at our lending opportunities and decide where you would like to invest your money, and then watch it grow, it’s as simple as that!

On a monthly basis you can access the interest accrued and will receive your capital at the end of the investment period – typically 6 to 12 months.

For full details please go to https://www.kuflink.com/

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