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3 Insights For Negotiating A Better Deal On Your Car

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While many of the prices we pay for services and products are fixed (you’re hardly going to negotiate with a grocery store clerk over how much you pay them for milk), there can be a great deal wriggle room around the purchase of more complex and sizeable assets, such as houses or cars. That latter consideration is absolutely worth exploring because cars tend to be more affordable than houses, but depending on where you purchase from, the price can either be relatively fixed or quite open. It’s always best to ask, no matter if you’re looking for Audi used cars or a new 4X4 for your farm.

For example, even car dealerships offering brand new models that haven’t been touched may still negotiate on the price given enough reason to, and to cultivate you as a long-term client. When negotiating a better deal on your car, it’s important to be clear-eyed and focused, to know what you’re buying ahead of time, to have the research on your side, and to understand your budget inside and out.

So, why don’t we help you achieve that? In this post, we’ll discuss three insights for negotiating a better deal on your car:

Contextualize Your Price Offer

If you’re being asked for a certain amount but you want to pay less, instead of just asking if they’d take less, contextualize why. It might be that you noticed the car has some chipped paintwork you’ll need to buff out or repaint, or perhaps you’ll pay in cash right there and then. Or, perhaps you notice the replaced bodywork. All these little considerations can make your offer seem stronger, which shows why you want more for less, instead of just rudely remanding it.

Lowball, Then Get To A Realistic Place

An age-old negotiating tactic is to offer less than you’re willing to pay. If they accept, hey that’s great. If they refuse, you can slowly come to their side bit by bit until you’re closer to what you were willing to pay in the first place. This way the seller believes they’ve negotiated well with you, when really you’ve just brought them to a place you were looking for anyway. This has to be done delicately, but it’s a good skill to learn. If your negotiating partner is too keen to sell at the lowest offer, that might indicate something wrong with the product, also.

Be Willing To Walk Away

Ultimately, if you can’t walk away from a deal, then you have no leverage. If you’re selling a car then there’ll no doubt be someone else coming along to offer a price as well. If you can make it clear you don’t mind leaving without a deal, then the other person might feel more focused in trying to retain your custom. This way, you add a little polite pressure to the proceeding, and you can always go elsewhere to find something suitable at worst.

With this advice, you’re certain to negotiate a better deal on your car. Good luck!

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