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Unique UK Property Investment Opportunity – Secure Exit Strategy

Secure Exit Strategy™

Do you want keys to a property or to just make profit from property?

It’s a fundamental question which many property investors forget to ask themselves at square one. If it’s a simple return on investment that you seek, Investor Square would like to introduce the Secure Exit Strategy™ (SES), which delivers high returns without risk or even the need to own a property:

  • minimum returns from 20% annualised over a maximum 3 year term
  • your investment capital is protected by insurance bond
  • your investment returns are protected by corporate guarantee
  • the transaction is directly with regulated law firms under UK law
  • no need to own a property with the added expense, risk and uncertainty
  • model continually applied to different UK development projects

High returns with no risk – Sound too good to be true?

Don’t just take our word for it. We work with UK and International law firms who even provide their authenticated legal opinions for each SES application online, as part of your due diligence. Let us show you how we can achieve these returns for you:

  • legal opinion letters from regulated law firms with over 30 years experience
  • investment calculator tool to help you plot the course of your investment
  • real life case studies, profit reports and testimonials from our members
  • investment analysis documents (IAD’s) for every IPIN investment
  • professional advisors give advice based on your personal circumstances

IPIN provides a free membership and complete property investment management from agreement through to a successful exit and receipt of profits

Not just a set of keys with its best wishes!

To find out more about the concept behind SES, you must be an IPIN member. Investor Square recommends IPIN membership to gain access to these unique property investments, without obligation of any kind. The only investment IPIN ask of you to begin with, is a few minutes of your time

Please use the contact form for further details:

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Mrs. E. Davies
IPIN Member & Investor

“IPIN’s strategy has worked well for me. In 22 weeks, my
investment of £22,474 has become a miraculous £28,318, a
return of 26%. I elected to invest into another SES venture

Full detailed Case Study and Testimonial available to members

Mr A. Nicol
IPIN Member & Investor

“When I first read about SES I thought the 25% minimum
return too good to be true but IPIN have proved me wrong. I
invested in October and exited in June, 9 months later with
a whopping 48% return”

Full detailed Case Study and Testimonial available to members

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