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Student Property Investment in London UK 9% Net Yields


A quick overview of this hands-free UK property investment:

  • Limited number of luxurious, boutique, ensuite student accommodation in a desirable area in South London
  • Fully managed “hands-off” investment
  • London is the prime location for UK Student Property Investment (according to Knight Frank)
  • The properties are walking distance to a major London University and two other  Higher Education Centres
  • Investment starts from £82,700

London has been one of the most popular locations on Earth for property investors, and is rapidly being bought up by international property investors such as the Russians, Chinese and Arabs. There are many different locations, and end-user markets, but a particular type of property which is keen for property investors is certainly student accommodation. We have a fully managed, hands-free, SIPP approved investment deal in a historic part of South East London, which is delivering 9% ROI to our property investors.

Why Invest in UK Student Property?

With 291,000 full-time students enrolled across 40 Higher Education Institutions (HEI),Londonclearly remains a hub of student activity and continues to occupy the top position for student investment. It boasts a large proportion of both postgraduates and international students, yet only 15.4% of its students are housed in university-owned accommodation. Knight Frank considers thatLondonneeds a further 100,000 student bedrooms providing transport-accessible, value accommodation in the £150-£200 per week price range

A Recession Proof Investment

There is a widespread difference of opinion regarding what will happen in the residential and commercial property market right now in theUK. But one thing that few experts disagree on is the potential for both capital growth and surety of high rentals that comes with well located student accommodation in key cities with prestigious universities. Furthermore as always happens in time of financial downturns and higher unemployment, student numbers always increase, providing you with a recession-proof investment.

A Stable and High Yielding Investment 

Over the past 6 years, rents in this sector have increased at 5% per year, in contrast to 0.6% for the commercial market as a whole and the occupancy rates for student accommodation currently sit between 97%  – 100%. Also compared to residential tenants who only sign up for on 6 month contracts students are often required to rent for a full year.

This provides incredible stability that is very hard to achieve in the global economic climate and which has made this opportunity so popular with bothUKand overseas investors.

A Passive Income and Turnkey London Property Investment 

Most property investment is rarely as passive or hands off as we would like. However, by working with a very experienced and established management company that specialises in the student accommodation market, this investment provides you with that true ‘armchair’ investment where you can sit back, relax and see your regular monthly income hit your bank account.

Please visit Student Property Portal for our latest deals!


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