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Investment Property in France

The following is a guest post by Erica Molina:

A subsidized housing developer in France is in need of development funds. He is looking to complete the refurb so that he can sell the units on to a group of French investors who are looking to take advantage of the tax breaks on the mortgages on the finished units and the guarenteed rents from the government for providing places to live for poor citizens.

The bottom line is that the developer is willing to give out very attractive returns to investors whoes money is basically providing him with a bridge loan to refurbish the places so he can put them with the French investors who are looking to buy the finished units.

The investment opportunity is structured as follows:

-The units are available at 1000 euro per square meter.

-Immediately upon purchase at this price the units will be ppraised at 1200 euro(you may contact the lawfirm that will confirm the appraisals at this level). So if you like you can sell the units on immediately at a 200 euro profit per square meter.

-In one year when the refurbishment is complete the units will be sold and your money will be returned at 1400 per square meter.The French investors have already agreed to this price and have already bought a portion of the units that have been refurbished already. In fact 90 of 142 units have been refurbished and sold to date.

The packages available are as follows:

  • 53,610 euro returning 75,054 in one year.
  • 63,960 euro returning 89, 544 in one year
  • 70,000 euro returning 98,000 in one year.

There are 30 units available because the one investor could not ome up with the funds at signing. They will not remain on the market for long.

Your capital is secured by a first charge with the land ministry of this region in France (you are backed up by the government authority of the region).

If you are interested I can get you more info including all the details of the parties involved:

-The law firm that will guarantee the appraisals;
-The international property management company;
-The developer;
-The arquitect;

They are all experienced licensed companies who will check out when you research them. If you are not a French citizen this is a very attractive deal as you will not be paying capital gains tax in France.

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