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What Insurance Do You need if You’re Working in Peoples Homes?

When running your own business, you can quickly get used to the freedom of almost every aspect of it. Your working days and hours are entirely up to you. The area in which you work in, both with respect to business and geography is yours and yours alone. But, as someone who works in a trade, you are going to be entering other people’s homes on a daily basis. That means there are some things that may be out of your control.

One way in which you can ensure you are not blamed or accused of anything is by ensuring you have the right insurance. This will give you, as a tradesperson, peace of mind that you can just get on with the job in hand and ensure the good reputation you have built throughout your career remains intact.

Here. we look at some options you can have with regards to insurance when working in someone else’s home:

Public liability insurance

When working in a trade, it is painfully easy for someone to cut, trip or catch themselves on something and even easier for them to look for someone to blame. As unfortunate as this is, this is the reality of most businesses today.

With public liability insurance to cover you, however, the owner of the premises on which you are working could fall over your equipment, decide to take legal action against you and you would be covered by this policy. It would include any legal fees you may have, as well as any compensation you may be ordered to pay. Constructaquote is a good option.

Employers’ liability insurance

If you run the business you work for and employ at least one person (bearing in mind they do not have to be full or even part-time employees. We could be talking about freelancers, as well as volunteers), you must have employers’ liability insurance. It’s mandatory by law.

It does, however, cover you if an employee becomes injured or ill because of work, so this is a handy policy to have if you are thinking of taking on an apprentice.

It’s also important to remember that former employees could also make a claim against you, but you will still be covered, should you have employers’ liability insurance. Speak to a respected firm with excellent legal recruitment to get enough information about what to look for and how to ensure you cover all bases to keep your business (and employees) safe. 

Contract works cover

Like most insurance policies, this falls into the ‘I don’t need it until I need it’ file. Contract works insurance covers you if an unavoidable incident prevents you from completing the contract to the agreed deadline. For instance, if you were working on someone’s house and a storm destroyed a part of it, stopping you from completing the job you were hired for.

Be sure to get the contract works cover for the right level of work you undertake. If you pay too little or too much, you might not be sufficiently covered.

If you require any further details on the right insurance for you and your trade or if you would like a no obligation insurance quote comparison for tradesmen, please click on the link.

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