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GoKarting Track Including Land for Commercial Development – Portugal

Go Karting in Portugal is becoming increasingly popular for both local residents and tourists and has opened new opportunities for Karting businesses and stimulated growth with existing Karting circuits. This particular Karting Circuit is exceptionally well located in what is considered to be one of the Algarve’s (southern region of Portugal) most profitable tourist areas.

The Karting Circuit is ideal for both leisure and competition and for all those who are passionate about motor sport. The circuit is open all year and was originally launched by Ayrton Senna and receives over 250,000 visitors a year! The circuit is designed to be a replica of the former Formula 1 circuit in Brazil – Jacarepaguá – and is 760 metres and 7,5m width.

The park is recognized by the DGT (General Direction of Tourism), has the Certificate of Quality & Image from the AEA (the Local Council Business Association), the circuit is approved by FPAK (Portuguese Federation of Automobile and Karting) and has 2 Honorable Mentions of Business Excellence in 2004 and 2006 by the AEA.

The business has been in operation for 16 years (since 1995), and has been operated by a limited Portuguese company for over 6 years, with €370k of capital funds. It is a “clean” business which involves hard work, dedicated staff (approx 20 people), and is clear of debts and loans and provides a steady revenue turnover.

The business facilities include:

  • 3.1 hectares (31,000 sqm) of land (opportunity to purchase another 2 hectares of neighboring land);
  • Approved construction quota for 50% of land, for commercial development (such as shopping centres/retail parks);
  • Snack bar;
  • 4 race circuits: main circuit, junior circuit, baby circuit and RC circuit;
  • Office and Admin building;
  • 160 GoKarts and Cross Country Buggies;
  • Trampolines;
  • Mini boats,
  • A customer base and reputation that has been developed for over 16 years with hard work and marketing.

ROI: The company owner has confirmed a stable growth between 10% to 12.5% per year, for the last 5 years.

For further details on this project please contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page.

For further details on this project please contact us by using the form below:

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