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Enlightening Media Billboard Investment in Dubai

digital billboard invesment
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Earn up to 12% ROI by co-purchasing outdoor billboards in London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Liverpool, Miami and New York.

Investors have the option on maturity to trade their original invested capital for shares in Enlightening Media.

We will trade with you your fractional ownership shares at the 6 year maturity and a share offering document will be prepared offering an independent valued price of the main media operators shares.

Investors will be offered access to the media operators shares at a discounted price from the maturity market.

Enlightening Media has created a unique opportunity offering a low cost, high yielding return.

A low entry fractional share ownership structure, with a low entry level of $40,000 upwards, with guaranteed yields of 8% in years one and two and if selected projected yields of 10% – 12% per annum from year three onwards.

It is intended within the 6 year lease, based on business projections, to offer an optional 2 year extension to the guaranteed 8% per annum return at the end of years two and years four.

At maturity the investment shares will return to investors their invested capital, inclusive of inflationary increase, or an option to trade the fractional shares for discounted share purchase in the media operator.

Never before has high yield digital billboard advertising been made available for sale to investors until now.

Enlightening Media will buy from you your fractional ownership shares at the 6 year maturity. We will pay back the original invested sum inclusive of a 2% per annum inflationary increase.



  • Invest from $20,000
  • 2 or 6 year exit option
  • 8% Fixed Net returns
  • Income Paid Annually
  • Resell at Anytime

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