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Your Staff Are Brand Ambassadors, But What Else Also Takes This Label?

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Most businesses care about developing a consistent and well-measured approach when viewing their staff as brand ambassadors. For example, they may have a social media policy that suggests keeping controversial personal opinions private, or at least to consider how they may reflect on the firm. It’s not uncommon for businesses to let go staff based on what is posted to these forums or websites, but this is hardly the end of the story.

We often think of a brand ambassador as a staff member, and it’s true that ‘ambassador’ does denote an actual verbal, messaging, alive role. But this can also be too narrow a definition. In fact, many elements of your business will also serve as a form of messaging for your business, and to ignore that can prevent you from making the improvements essential to your overall public image.

With this advice, we hope to give you a more comprehensive viewpoint regarding your brand, to isolate all of its messaging and tune it up for the new decade ahead. Without further ado, please consider:

Branded Vehicles

The branded vehicles you employ will also help you spread your business message out there, but there are many variables involved with how effective this message is. Are you using worthwhile vans or company cars sourced from expert services such as David Ray Commercials? What is the condition of said vehicle? How is it being driven? How well does your branding apply to its side, and how noticeable is it? It’s these questions that, if refined, can help you gain free marketing through your logistics network.

Social Media Posts

Social media matters. The posts your companies engage in are seen as condoning whatever subject is involved. This is why it’s important to be careful, especially if employing irony or a personable tone. The hashtags you use, the lighting in the marketing photographs you upload, the engagement you receive can all influence how your firm looks, so it’s best to make this seem as competent and switched-on as possible. If you can do that, you’re sure to look much more comfortable when running your firm’s social media policy.


The packaging you utilize for your products is an important part of your business message. Even how your deliveries are boxed will say something. Are products carefully laid within the parcel, using bubble wrap protection to keep things secure and stable? Does your box packaging seem environmentally friendly, and does it match the branded aesthetic of your firm? Additionally, how easy is the package to get into? Many of us have like cursed out loud when trying to open wrapped plastic electronic items such as a USB stick. This is not the first impression you wish to give. A little care and attention placed in this process can truly help in the long run.

With this advice, you’re certain to improve everything that could be considered a brand ambassador.

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