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Working Together Virtually And Doing It Successfully


Video conferencing presents businesses with an effective and cost-efficient way of communicating with anyone, at any time and in any place.

Whether you’re discussing this year’s budget or you want to design PE kits online with the rest of your staff, you may need to do it virtually considering the world we live in today.

If you are new to video conference calls, or you are simply looking for ways to make yours more successful, read on for some top tips on how to conduct a winning video conference call…

How to prepare for your meeting:

•    Turning your laptop or computer on a mere few seconds before the meeting starts is ill-advised. Give yourself time to test that the software is working and the interface is exactly how you want it to be.

•    One big mistake a lot of people make is conducting the meeting in a room that is poorly lit. If the room is too dark, not only will the other sites struggle to see you, but it makes the meeting seem a lot less professional. 

•    It is also advisable to ensure the shades are pulled on all windows and doors. If you have any glass-framed wall hangings in the room, cover them. This gets rid of uneven lighting and ensures that no distracting glare is created. 

•    Set up Instant Messenger as a backchannel for communication. By doing this you will have a backup method of communicating in place if any issues arise. A lot of people like to use both methods during their conference meetings.

Video conferencing etiquette:

•    Start every meeting by stating your name and location. It can also be advisable to create name cards if you are hosting a meeting whereby individuals will be unfamiliar with one and other.

•    Look directly at the camera. This creates the feeling that you are looking at the people you are conducting the meeting with. 

•    Be careful about making any distracting sounds. Avoid side conversations and try not to rustle your papers and such like.  

•    Allow for delays. When transmitting over long distances there is always the possibility that there can be split-second delays. So, pause in between comments and adjust your speaking pace if necessary. 

•    Dress appropriately. It is advisable to wear clothing in light and muted shades. Try to avoid wearing anything patterned. This ensures others aren’t distracted at your business. For inspiration, take a look at the way news presenters dress. 

How to communicate effectively during your meeting:

•    When asking questions it is advisable to ensure you direct them at a specific site and a specific person if possible. This will help to make the meeting run more smoothly. 

•    When you are not speaking, it is advisable to mute your microphone. This will ensure there are no distracting sounds or echoes. 

•    Do not shout. There is no need to amplify your voice. Simply talk in your normal tone. 

•    Speak clearly and avoid mumbling. It’s a good idea to do an audio check prior to the video conference call, so you can make sure that the sound is working fine. 

•    Do not begin your meeting by asking if everyone can hear you. If there is a problem, someone will let you know. Assume everything is fine. 

•    Make sure you talk directly into the microphone. Avoid moving side to side, as this will result in your voice fading in and out.

•    Last but not least… be yourself! 

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