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Working From Home? Add These 3 Tips To Succeed

Working From Home? Add These 3 Tips To Succeed

The world is becoming more digital by the minute, but the events following the COVID-19 pandemic drastically impacted the work environment. Now more than ever, people spend their days working from home and online. 

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From reaching out to a Mentoring Platform, meeting with bosses through several applications, to managing time differences, working from home can feel like a nightmare. 

Learning a few hacks and tricks can be helpful. Uncertain times such as these call for clever strategies to overcome the stress of bringing work to one’s living environment. 

Morning Routines

Working with coworkers from different time zones might result in an awkward sleeping schedule. 

Try to find a time to wake up that fits with your work schedule. Before reaching out to a night stance for your phone, take a moment to do an activity that drifts your attention to the present. 

Choose one or more from the following:

  • Meditate
  • Write down affirmations
  • Morning stretch 
  • Yoga
  • 15-minute exercise
  • Make the bed
  • Meal prep

If it’s better, make a small checklist for you to complete each morning. Getting used to a new routine will take some practice and patience, but the result is worth it. 

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Eating Schedule

Working from home will have you assuming eating will be the least of your worries. Now, be honest with yourself. When you are in meetings, working on a project, and engaging with coworkers, cooking and prepping meals turns into an impossible task. 

You end up eating what’s closer, unhealthier, or worst case scenario you skip meals. 

Avoid the crankiness brought by hunger and stick to an eating schedule. For example, breakfast can start at 7:30 am with french toast and a good cup of coffee. Then, at noon, a big lunch might be ideal and a small snack between a meeting at 4 pm to ease the stomach to a small dinner by 6 or 8 pm. 

Again, this is only one example. Your work may demand a different eating schedule. As long as you are getting the proper nutrition needed to handle your day, adjust as needed. 

The Magic of Balance

Hmmm…family or work?

Being the head of your family means one thing: multitasking is a must. 

First, set your priorities. Figure out the days and occasions hat work is the priority versus when your family deserves undivided attention. 

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Once your priorities are clear, define boundaries:

  • Work schedule
  • When to stop responding to emails
  • Breaks
  • Family time
  • You time

Note that work is your means to sustainability, but your family can grow and drift apart with time. They are most likely the people that bring joy into your life. Not many jobs will pull this off. 

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Defining boundaries is crucial if you want to feel “normal” and just like if you were in the office environment. Keep yourself grounded and always ask, “What’s important?”

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