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WINE is Money… There’s Money In Wine

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Investment is a broad term… it can describe anything that you put your money into in the hopes of a profitable return, although spending $20 on a Dominos and getting a free side isn’t quite what we mean.

Most people invest their money in real estate, the stock market or by using savings accounts. But there are plenty of other weird and wacky ways to make yourself some extra cash too. If you are unsure on how to invest and how much money you can afford to invest, get advice from an analyst such as Chris Pivik or research it online. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, spread the money around.


You’ve probably heard of Jackson Pollock, the American painter. Well, last year one of his paintings sold for $58.3 million. The return his work brought within one year was 320%. Investing in a painting from an artist such as this can offer a bountiful return. You could even try and recreate one of his paintings, but we’re not sure you’d get the same return.

Chateau Pavie Wine

Money might not grow on trees, but grapes do (sort-of). You can invest in a winery and earn a hefty return on a vintage bottle. Chateau Pavie Wine, in particular, has seen some recent success, with a 2004 bottle earning a 14.3% return within a year.

Rare Coins

Coins are one of the most popular collectors’ items in the world. With changing currencies and special edition coins being released every few years, you could earn yourself a pretty penny, by selling a pretty penny. Coins from the 1500s can see gains over three years of 20%.

Lean hogs

Just as you can invest money in truffles, you can also invest in the animals who dig them up. Lean hogs in the UK were one of the most lucrative investments in agriculture in recent years. Hogs had a one year gain of a whopping 56.3%.

Soybean meal

If you don’t like the thought of investing in animals, why not try investing in soybean meal instead? Ground flour had a return of 18.5% in one year and overtook rice and lumber for popularity.

Self-storage units

Rather than investing in renovation of a house, why not put your money into self storage? As a real estate investment, self storage units had a one year return of 16%.

Vintage Stamps

Similar to coins, stamps are one of the most highly collected items in the world. A small printing error which one Swedish stamp made in the 1800’s gave the rare stamps a value of $3.2 million. If you are fortunate enough to come across a rare stamp, you could be in with a chance of a pretty lucrative prize. Investing in a rare stamp from the 1800’s can give you as much as a 26% return after three years.

Szechuan Sauce

If you are a fan of Rick and Morty and have been watching the news this past week, you’ll know that McDonald’s Szechuan sauce is selling for a whopping $25,700.00.  Yes, really.


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