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Why You Should Go For a No Win, No Fee Law Service

No win, no fee services have become quite popular in Australia in the recent years. The law services charge you only if you win the case. Back in the day, many people couldn’t claim their legal rights just because they were unable to afford the expenses of an attorney. However, with no win no fee law services, they can get legal assistance without worrying about their finances.

What Is a No Win, No Fee Agreement?

No win, no fee solicitors offer legal assistance with conditional charges. You’ll have to pay them fees only if you win the case. However, you may have to pay service charges if the results aren’t in your favour. An agreement is signed before the attorneys take up your case in which the success fee is listed. The success fee is usually in terms of percentage which is calculated on the payment you receive in your claim.

No win, no fee lawyers mostly deal with personal injury cases. If you’ve suffered an injury at a public place or a private property due to the negligence of others, you can acquire their services. Accidents such as slips, trips, falls and food poisoning are some types of personal injuries in which you can claim compensation.

Always be honest with your attorney and share every detail of the case even if you find it unnecessary. It helps the solicitors prepare a strong case. However, if you hide any facts or do not follow the advice of your lawyer, you may end up losing the case.

Why You Should Choose No Win, No Fee Legal Services?

You can make a claim only if it satisfies the legal requirements. The solicitors will evaluate your case and explain the complex legal procedure before accepting your case. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the validity of your claim.

Many people cannot make the rightful claims just because they cannot afford the expenses of running a case. Conditional fee agreement makes the legal procedure convenient for you and saves you from the stress of arranging a huge sum.

In a personal injury case, the other party may want to delay the results of the case. However, no win no fee law services have expertise in dealing with such tactics in a professional way. They’ll speed up the process so that the case is settled at the earliest and you receive the deserving amount as compensation for the injury.

Disadvantages of Conditional Fee Agreement

If you want to make a claim under the no win, no fee arrangement, you should know of its disadvantages as well to make the right decision.

  • Even if you do not win the case, you’ll have to pay the processing fee of running the case.
  • If you lose the case, you may have to pay the legal expenses of other party’s case.
  • Success fee of conditional fee cases is quite high. You may have to pay up to 20% of the compensatory amount.

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