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Why Several Businesses Don’t Backup Their Data (and why they should

Entrepreneurs spend countless hours a week setting up their new business. From collecting leads and hiring staff to sourcing new products and attending networking events—all to get their business off the ground. But one thing a lot of business owners don’t take into account along the way is backing up their data.

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For a few reasons why some companies aren’t on board with protecting and backing up their data, see below. Along with why and how they should. 

No Technical Expertise Or Time To Backup Data 

One of the top reasons several company owners aren’t defending and backing up their data. Is because they don’t have the resources and expertise to manage the systems and keep them safe.

For companies who find themselves in this situation, the solution to your problem is simple. It would be best if you outsourced to a business such as M247, a reputable, professional IT service provider that stores, protects, updates, and backs up your business’s data 24/7. 

Business Data Has No Use To Others

Another belief among business owners is that their business data would have little to no use to a cyber-criminal. Again, this mindset puts many businesses at risk of being attacked by unwanted outsiders such as hackers. 

A company should never underestimate their business datas’ value. From company financials, detailing company account figures, and bank login details. To lists of existing clients’ names, addresses, and emails. Moreover, a business’s plans for expansion and trade secrets. Each bit of data for your business matters and needs protecting and backing up.

Cybercriminals will happily tarnish and steal any data and sell it on to others on the dark web. In some cases, they may delete, ruin, or expose customer data just because they can. 

Keep this in mind if you haven’t yet thought about enhancing your data security or created a backup plan for your digital assets. 

Hackers Only Attack Large Businesses

There’s a common misconception that hackers only attack and infiltrate the big fish – such as million-dollar corporations. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

High-profile hacking cases documented in the media often gives us a false idea that hacking only happens to big companies. When, in fact, according to Accenture, 43% of attacks online are aimed at small businesses. Furthermore, only 14% have security in place to defend their digital data. 

The result of which means a lot of businesses are forced to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get back up and running again. Or otherwise don’t survive at all.

Whether your company is big or small, creating a contingency plan is necessary to protect your business data from being stolen or erased.

Your company’s data is its most important and essential asset. Without it, your business would struggle to survive. 

As such, putting plans in place to take care of your company data is paramount. Hiring an IT management service with servers, 24-hour data surveillance, and security services is one way to do this. 

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