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Why Going ‘Off Grid’ is Not as Radical as You Think

We’re all much more aware of climate change these days – and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, aren’t we?

What do you invest in to help save the planet?

But how far would you go to achieve this – maybe you’ve bought a hybrid car or you’re trying to take less plane journeys.  You’re really aware of the dangers of plastic and you think carefully about the sustainability of everything you buy.

These all contribute to reducing your footprint in a greater or lesser way – you’re absolutely right about that.  But we’re going to suggest something really radical now – have you ever considered going off grid?

Bear with us because, although it might sound unachievable, in actual fact more and more people are doing just that. An off grid lifestyle has definitely moved from the margins to the mainstream in recent years.  

Why has this happened?

The move towards people living, at least partially, this way has been driven by various factors.  These are both the rise in fuel prices, which have become astronomical, and people’s concerns for the environment.

You must have noticed the increase in the number of solar panels you’ve seen being installed on homes across the country.  That’s a move towards living off grid – but some people take it much more seriously – and literally.

Going completely off grid

One community of boat dwellers in Springfield Park, Hackney in London has now increased in number to the hundreds. Many power their homes via solar panels or diesel generators and manage to live cheaply in one of the most expensive cities in the world.  

And they’re only one small example of the growing number of people living off grid in the UK as a whole.  In the US, it’s estimated that several million people are now choosing this way of life – which is incredible.

It’s also enviable and admirable – but, for most of us, it will only ever be achievable as a partial option.

A holiday without amenities

One thing you could do to try out the lifestyle for yourself is to take an off grid holiday – which are becoming increasingly popular. You can rent a wide range of properties across the UK for a short break – without all the amenities!


Be inspired to live more sustainably

It’s a fantastic opportunity to try living off grid for a short time – or at least test out how you’d survive without all your gadgets and gizmos.  Many people report returning feeling refreshed and invigorated – and rethinking the whole area of sustainable living. They realise that they didn’t really miss some of our modern amenities – or get inspired by ideas for alternative ways of providing them..

So before you spend money on solar panels, or look into more radical sustainable living solutions – why not test it?  Living off grid, even if only for a trial period can open your eyes to its power and potential.

It can save money on your outgoings and bills – and investing in our planet is the best investment we can all make for the future, after all.

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