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Where To Work In This Flexi-Digi Age

Advances in cloud and communication technology have meant that you can operate your business from almost anywhere. Providing you have access to a reliable internet connection, it is possible for you to work from anywhere or to relocate to the most unlikely places. One of the biggest attractions and reasons people choose to work for themselves is choosing where and when you work. Running your own business can mean no more commuting, and depending on your business, the choice of where you work could be wide open. Whether you want to stay at home, you could travel around the world and work as you go, you might want to live in the middle of nowhere enjoying peace and tranquility or want to work somewhere different every day. 

Choosing where to run your business from is an essential part of planning any business idea and it will come down to financial and practical factors. 

So what are your choices?

Working From Home

For many, this is an extremely attractive choice, there’s no commute, and you can get other things done during the day. However, for others, this is an absolute no-no as they find it too difficult to get into the right headspace and concentrate when they’re at home – the washing and ironing or the telly can be far too much of a distraction. 

Self Storage Unit

It may seem like an odd choice, but you would be surprised how popular it is. Many businesses are attracted to self-storage centres for the flexibility, the short-notice periods and low overheads they offer. For a seasonal business, for example, self-storage units are ideal. They are convenient, and you don’t have to pay council tax as it’s all included in the rent. It also gives you a choice, if the business isn’t performing, you can give one month’s notice and move on, or you can reduce your space, so it gives you nice flexibility.

Coworking Space

Today we are seeing more and more coworking spaces opening. These are essentially offices which allow multiple businesses or people to operate out of the same location. A lot of people are opting for this way of working now as it reduces the cost of monthly office rent and usually includes printing, coffee, conference rooms, and 24/7 access in the price. When you’re working for yourself you need a whole lot of motivation so going to a quiet space where you can concentrate can boost your productivity. They are also great places for networking and meeting people for potential collaboration or new clients. 

Online or…well, anywhere

Having an online business means you can work from anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection. It also means that you can change where you work every day. You could spend your time going from coffee shop to coffee shop, different towns, museums, libraries and even different countries. Working for yourself gives you flexibility, but an online business gives you even more than that. That is the beauty of it. Today, cafes and even pubs are set up for people to work there now, with plenty of power points and free wifi, they welcome you to turn up with your laptop and sip your coffee all day long. 

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