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What You should Be Considering When Recruiting For Your Small Business

It’s definitely no secret that every no two companies are the same. This means it makes complete sense to learn that each company will have a different process when it comes down to recruiting. However, there are a few things that every company recruiting should include in their recruitment strategy. 

Let’s have a look at some fo the things you should consider when recruiting for your small business: 

The Advertisement 

Writing a job advertisement is an important factor when recruiting. You need to make sure it’s right and accurate in order to attract the candidates that you want. Make sure you take your time, proofread it, provide an accurate description, give an idea of the salary and indicate the experience that you require. This way you will narrow down the potential of having the incorrect people apply for the position. Using tools such as job board software can help with the process. 

Provide Quick Feedback 

Candidates applying for roles definitely appreciate quick feedback. Make it a goal to provide good and quick feedback to anyone applying for your roles even if it is a no. In order to be successful at this you need to keep track of everywhere you have advertised whether its job boards, your website, shop windows or even social media you should aim to supply feedback at the same speed. This is especially important if you’re interested in someone as it’s highly likely they’re applying for other position elsewhere. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect candidate just because you provide slow feedback. 

A Smooth Process

Before you put the advert out into the public it’s wise to make sure you have a detailed plan of the whole recruitment process. Candidates don’t tend to like multiple interview stages and when a recruitment process is long-winded, time-consuming, and complex you have more chance of losing candidates along the way. Some applicants will already be communicating with other companies so it’s important to make sure you make it as smooth and simple as possible. You may find that some candidates struggle to take multiple days away from work to attend interviews and therefore get put off by the long-winded recruitment process. A well organised and streamlined process makes life easier for both you and your candidates. 

Interview Availability

You may find that the best candidates often have busy schedules. This means that they might not be able to take time off to attend an interview slot that you have chosen. You should always try to be as flexible as possible about your availability and give your top candidates a variety of options, even if it means moving your schedule to suit them. At the end of the day, they’re having to risk a position of security for a chance at working with you. If you want to guarantee an interview with the people you’re most interested in flexibility id the key. 

These stages in the recruitment process are often the key to getting the ideal candidates however there is still more to think about and should should make sure you plan and put a plan into place for things such as making an offer of employment and negotiating salaries. Is there any essential recruitment processes that should of being included on this list that you could share in the comments section below? 

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