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What You Can Do to Ensure Employees Feel Safe

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When it comes to workplace safety, it’s not only enough to implement rules, but you need to keep in mind that everyone needs to feel safe. Honestly, safety comes in so many forms. Some want to be safe from COVID-19, and perspex cut to size can help as they make shields, but it doesn’t stop there.  You need to keep in mind that they need to feel safe socially, such as if they’re in a minority group. For others, maybe it’s just having a safe building with fire escapes. But overall, all employees need to feel like they’re safe. So, here’s what you can do to ensure that your employees can feel safe!

Communication Needs to Be Inclusive

When it comes to an optimal workplace, it all starts with being inclusive to all groups. Transparent and open communication is the foundation of a safe workplace. Encourage employees to voice their concerns, ideas, and feedback without fear of reprisal. You might want to create channels for anonymous reporting, if needed so that even the most sensitive issues can be addressed. Companies like Google have forums for their employees, so why not look into that?

Make Policies Clear

There is no doubt about it that policies need to be clear, anti-harassment, and anti-discrimination. So, it’s best to establish clear and comprehensive anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. Communicate these policies to all employees and ensure that they understand the procedures for reporting any incidents. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or harassment.

Is There Mental Health Support?

Safety isn’t always physical; it’s mental, too. It might be a good idea to go ahead and offer resources, such as employee assistance programs, and try to promote a stigma-free environment for seeking help. This even includes encouraging breaks, stress management techniques, and a healthy work-life balance to support employees’ mental well-being. Burnout happens; employees will quit their jobs because of the mental strain. 

But a lot of employees have their own things they’re carrying in their personal lives; half their day is at work, and the other half is dealing with their personal lives. So just keep this in mind, mental health support is crucial. 

Have Regular Check-Ins

You might want to go the extra mile and give check-ins; it’s important to show that you and management care, and this honestly speaks volumes, so if you can, try to regularly check in with employees to gauge their well-being. One-on-one meetings with managers can provide opportunities for employees to express concerns or seek support. Make sure you’re actively listening and take appropriate action based on their feedback. This goes with creating an open and inclusive enviroment for communication. 

Wrapping Up

In the end, every single employee has the right to feel safe in the space they work at. Creating a culture of safety in the workplace is a shared responsibility that requires ongoing effort from leadership, management, and every employee.  By fostering all of these, you’re honestly helping out with creating an environment that allows all employees to know and feel with confidence that they’re going to be okay. 

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