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What Educational Technology Could Look Like Over the Next Five Years?

We are living at a time that humanity is experiencing the most transformative process in history, thanks to technology. It is just amazing to see the super quick pace with which change is occurring in every aspect of our lives with regards to technological development. In equal measure technological advancement in the educational sector is also not left behind. Computers have really taken center stage in matters of educational technology in this age. And yet now, it is now easy for students to have their papers done online. There are various online research paper writing platforms including Write My Paper that now help students to get their assignments done in time.

Here are some of the new things about educational technology that you should expect to see in the next five years:

Digital content

Over the next five years we are going to see dynamic changes in learning materials that is used to facilitate educations such as books and pens. The book and the pen have been traditionally used in schools for recording information that is taught to the students. Now that world is increasingly becoming digital, there is going to be a paradigm shift in the way business is conducted in schools.

Teaching materials that contain educational content such as textbooks will be replaced with digital apparatus. This in one way or the other is going to eliminate the heavy backpack syndrome that currently affects our students. Textbooks and exercise books that are currently being used in schools make it cumbersome for pupils as well students when they need to carry them in their bags each day when they go to school. Another advantage of digital content is the kind of interactivity it will create amongst the students.

Moving through lessons and learning will be done much more quickly thus saving lots of time. The result will of course be positive and learning will be accelerated and even very young children will have an opportunity to be taught digitally.

More use of the cloud

As things stand now most of the assignments that teachers give to their students are given in books. Over the next five years though, we see a scenario where most of the assigned content will be in the cloud. Grading of the students will be based in the cloud. Schools as well as school districts will each have unique cloud based storage that can be accessed by teachers, students, administrators and parents alike. Most of the records will be stored on the cloud thus eliminating the cumbersome books and other traditional records systems.

Increased student engagement and responsibility during learning

Traditionally, teachers have been the primary source of information to the students who have been passively getting it. This kind of model where the teacher acts as the sole and primary source of information to students has been with us for quite a very long time. This model is expected to change thanks to technological advancement and over the next five years, the teacher’s role in the classroom will shift to a ‘guide role’ as students will take more responsibility for their own learning supported with technology.
Already schools and universities across the board have begun to redesign the learning rooms and spaces to be able to take on this new model of education. Essentially, technology will provide a pivotal role in the new educational model as the enabler.


Over the next five years educational technology is going to change how things are done in schools. Teachers, students and parents should therefore get ready and prepared to change with the trends as the traditional way of learning will have undergone quite a dramatic change.

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