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What Do Buyers Look For In A House?

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If you want to sell your house, and sell it fast, you need to know what the market is looking for. And unfortunately, that changes from area to area. It’s hard to take a nationwide overview of the state real estate is in right now, and all because local variation has such an impact on the buying and selling process. But in general, we’ve got a few rules in mind that’ll help you to find the right people to sign on the dotted line. So, if you’re about to prepare your home for sale, here’s what should be top of the list. 

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No Need for Repairs

If a house needs repairing, it could break down at any minute. That’s not going to get you a good sales price. A good sales price demands a property that can stand all without any trouble, and won’t require a full survey to be done to ensure the foundations aren’t rocky and the wiring isn’t fried. So do as many repairs as possible before putting the house on the market; it’ll help you to cut the selling time down by at least 3 months. 

A Good Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is not only good for the environment, but it’ll save the buyer a lot of money on bills as well! So try to get a good EPC rating before you sell, and make sure the certificate is up to date as well. Any estate agents you go to would highly recommend this as the first course of action before selling, as it’s a great way to showcase the kind of condition the house is in. Best of all, if you make your energy efficiency known on the listing, you can easily attract more potential buyers your way. 

Plenty of Room

If a buyer can see themselves moving in and stretching out, they’ll love to put money on the table as soon as possible. They want to know they’ve got a chance to settle in and start a family here, if they’re a young couple, or have room to host family and all the grandkids if they’re older. So clear back the clutter and let the space speak for itself. Similarly, make sure you’ve got plenty of storage on show, as that can seal the deal in a matter of moments! 

Always Do Local Research

To get more specific about what the buyers in your area actually want, do some research into the local housing market. You want to know what other houses have sold for nearby, and what the profit ceiling is where you are. After all, you can’t be selling for 100,000 more than any other property on the street – no one will even take a look round! Do your research, check out how well properties sell, and never accidentally price yourself out of the market. 

Most buyers want to know they’re getting a good deal. So try to promise that from the offset with tips like these. 

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