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Vans That Keep You Moving

When you’re on the road a lot as part of your business, you need to make sure that the vehicle you’re driving is going to keep you moving, is reliable and safe. This is even more true if you also transport items around the country as part of your job.

Compromise just isn’t an option so in this short blog, we take a look at some of the best commercial vehicles out there and help you choose one that suits you and your business down to the ground.

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Renault Trafic

If you’re looking for a van that drives like a car, with all the comfort that goes with that, then this van is great. Perfect if you’re driving longer distances and with a decently large space, even in the short wheelbase version, this is an all rounder.

If you are looking for some downsides, you might find the cab a little on the small side for more than one person and you’ll find a higher payload among its rivals, but that’s about it. We like the phone holder and the seat cushion that folds down to make a desk.

Fiat Talento

We like the attention to safety in this latest Fiat model. With electronic brake assistance and emergency brake assistance, you feel like you’re in safe hands.

While not as responsive as the Renault Trafic, you’ll either love or hate the driving position which is comparatively high compared to others in this category.

The basic interior has plenty of options for upgrading and in general, it’s a smart and comfortable ride with plenty of storage capacity.

Nissan NV300

Not everyone’s first choice of medium-sized vans, but Nissan has got back in the game with the NV300. Comfortable and stable, even at higher speeds, the Nissan is based on the Renault Trafic in terms of looks and like the Renault it shares great car-like handling.

We liked the attention to safety and features, such as the ISOFIX child seat fixings and the active hill start assistance.

On the downside, the interior styling can feel a little like too much plastic and not particularly durable.

Mercedes Benz Vito

Finally, we come to the Mercedes Benz Vito and in our opinion we’ve saved the best until last. Though the Mercedes doesn’t come in at the cheapest, it offers great all round quality. Great handling, comfort and a decent payload, Mercedes offers consistently good medium-sized vans with good options on size, style and engine.

When you’re looking to get yourself on the road, then there are some great options out there both brand new and used from reliable dealerships such as https://www.csvans.co.uk

Make sure to shop around and make your safety and security every bit as important as the payload and loading space. When you’re on the road for most of the week, you’re looking for comfort as well as performance and for our money the Mercedes offers all those and more. Go and get your best deal today.

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