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An Unreliable Website is a Bad Business Move. Fix It!

A lot of businesses don’t invest enough in the speed and integrity of their website. This can be understandable; after all, these measures aren’t always cheap, and startups are always being encouraged to save money in any way they can.

But if your website isn’t in great condition, then it could be very bad for business. Ensure everything is running smoothly with this advice.

Keep your IT infrastructure strong

If there are problems at your end, there could well be problems for the person visiting your website. Your servers need to be reliable. The computers you’re using to develop the website and add updates need to be fast, with plenty of memory. And your Internet connection needs to be as fast as you can get it. If you have IT problems in your office, then you may want to work with technology specialists such as Spectrumwise if you’re unable to resolve the issues yourself.

Sign up with the right web host

Don’t just sign up with the cheapest web host you can find. This is a very common mistake that businesses make. Yes, it’s important that you find ways to save money. But cheap web hosts are often cheap for a reason – they’re not usually meant to be used for business! Make sure you research web hosts carefully. They need to be fast, with a lot of allowance for data storage and with as little downtime as possible. These are the most important factors, more so than cost.

Make sure updating is streamlined

If your website has a complex and slow updating process, this could affect the people visiting your website. You don’t want your website to slow to a crawl for everyone just because you’re trying to add some new content. You also need to ensure that it’s as unlikely as possible that an error can occur during the updating process! This means that you need to ensure you’re using the right content management system.

Test everything!

Testing is a basic feature of the development of any software or hardware. But when it comes to websites, businesses can often get pretty lax. This is a mistake, of course. The website that you’ve developed and checked the local preview of might not be what your end users see. You need to ensure that any changes you plan to make are thoroughly tested before they go live. It can be harder to predict what change may cause a site-wide fault that you think.

Optimize your website

Your website needs to be fast. That’s probably been made clear enough to you already! But there are always ways in which you can make your website run faster. If everything else seems to be in order, but your website still seems to be a bit of a slog? Then it’s probably got something to do with the content you’re uploading. Remember that people are technically downloading your content when they view it. And if your ‘page weight’ is overwhelming, it will take ages for your website to load properly. Make sure you know how to reduce that weight and speed up your site!

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