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Training For Staff That Is Essential In Any Business

Running a business nowadays can pose a challenge after challenge. Getting your business off the ground is the initial challenge that we all face.

What most business owners don’t realise is that should you have a larger team that is set up in an office. There are, in fact, some specific requirements you have to have by law. Below we are going to name the most important ones, to make sure you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation.

First Aid 

The first thing a business needs to take into consideration is its need for a first aider. Initially, you should know, you do need one. You do, however, only need one first aid trained member of staff per 5-50 people.

What should be taken into consideration is the need for a first aid trained member of staff, should your one trained member be on holiday. Having a first aid trained member of staff is necessary.

Even in a business that takes all necessary precautions, there are certain hazards that just occur whether you are prepared or not.

Generally, a first aid course can last anywhere between one day and one week dependant on the level of training being given. Once you have your member of staff trained, it’s also a necessity to have the appropriate first aid equipment present.

Risk Assessment

A vital piece of training that often goes overlooked is to ensure you have a member of staff that is trained in health and safety, manual handling and risk assessments.

First and foremost, health and safety is essential for every company. Having a health and safety manual should be your first port of call. Secondly, somebody to perform manual handling training to all of your staff is a must. This often goes overlooked as most companies who work digital believe it doesn’t apply to them. They are sadly mistaken. 

All businesses require manual handling training. Finally having somebody trained in risk assessment is essential. Risk assessment is something that should be done yearly on the working environment and is required by law for certain groups, such as disabled or pregnant workers.

One of the best things you can do is find a NEBOSH accredited national certificate program that could incorporate all the above training into one.

Fire Warden

In the working world today, we are surrounded by technology. It is everywhere, and unfortunately, it is not all reliable. 

This alone calls for the need of a fire warden. Having somebody around that is responsible for the tackling of small fires and the evacuation procedure of your office can be incredibly important. 

Fire warden training generally only lasts one day, and it can even be done online. Upon completion, the fire warden will be familiar with tackling all small fires and the best ways to prevent fire. 

Taking care to add a fire warden as well as the above mentioned trained staff, can see your business on a very happy and healthy path.

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