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No Touching! Taking Your Business Into The Wireless Future

Business and technology are moving away from being ‘touchy-feely’. That might be a shame for many who value the physical presence of objects and people, but there are so many more solutions now for your issues.

Take for example your data and files. Are they clogging up your desks, workspace, and computer? Well, the ‘cloud’ offers many advantages to businesses. There’s no need to keeps heaps of paper on your desk anymore, nor is there any reason for you to store file after file on the hard-drive of your aging work computer. Upload it all to a service like Google Drive and Dropbox to keep it all safe on a remote-server. Not only that, but cloud services allow to get into your files from anywhere with a web connection. You can also make amendments to documents on-the-fly, and multiple people can access and collaborate on files from anywhere in the world. Moving your data off site could be the best idea you’ve ever made.

The same goes for customer service. A phone is a great tool, but in an ideal world, you’re not going to be glued to your desk. You’re going to be mobile because that’s what technology allows you to do. Social media platforms offer an excellent avenue for web-based customer service and like cloud-based storage you can operate these from anywhere. Speak to your customers on a one-to-one basis with social media, and you won’t leave them shouting at a blank wall when you or your staff are out and about.

The most important facet of your business is it’s ability to collect cash. If you can’t collect cash, then you’re not going to go very far at all. Having a cash register is great, but contactless payment is the way forward. NFC stands for near field communication and is a great way to wirelessly collect payments. Apps like Android Pay and Apple Pay mean that a phone is now a payment device. Not only that, but there are web-based options like Paypal and Wepay that provide payment solutions that exist outside of a wallet. Invest in NFC equipment from someone like NFC Direct and make taking cash less of a hassle.

The equipment that your staff use is of importance. They can’t exactly use pens and notepads if you’re operating the business on the cloud, can they? Make sure your staff are equipped with smartphones and tablets if they are mobile. This ensure that they can collect cash, complete assignments and stay in touch while on the move. Equipping your staff is imperative to the success of your business and they will be on an island if you choose to sail ahead with transforming your business without them. Make sure your staff are part of your wireless future.

No-one is saying you have to leave the traditional methods behind when you jump into your wireless future. A combination of everything you have learned thus far and everything you have yet to experience is the best way forward. Don’t leave behind anything until it is truly out-dated.

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