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Top Tips To Boost Your Farming Productivity

Top Tips To Boost Your Farming Productivity 

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Your farming productivity is crucial for several reasons. From providing more food, boosting your income and improving the growth of the farming market, there are many reasons why you want to make your farm more productive. Recent farming statistics suggest a decrease in crop yields and production in the UK. For an agricultural or farming business, crop yield is essential, which can only be increased through productivity. Consider these top tips to boost productivity on your farm and its long-term sustainability.  

  1. Plant early and efficiently 

Knowing the right time to plant is one of the essential parts of planting. Even with the best-prepared soil, it is important to know when to plant to increase your yield. You can conduct a series of tests to check your soil preparedness ahead of planting. This will let you know if it’s a good time to start planting and inform you on the right seeds to use for more favourable results.

  1. Use the right fertilisers 

Fertilising your soil is vital for maintaining ideal conditions for your crops. For instance, fertilising your corn during the sowing stage can provide it with vital minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The root zone at the crop’s base is essential for promoting growth and ensuring it thrives and produces the highest yield possible. Fertilising your soil may also be needed when planting new crops after harvest, as the soil may have lost a significant amount of its essential nutrients and may need a boost. However, over-fertilising your soil is just as dangerous as having insufficient fertiliser. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a social conditioning specialist or fertiliser supplier to advise on the right treatment for your particular crop or soil. 

  1. Smart watering 

While watering is essential for crop planting, smart water management is crucial for boosting yield. Water management is the most effective approach for boosting your farming output and can improve your yield. For instance, using a sprinkling watering system can increase your yield up to 50%. Tube wells are also a great choice as they have a superior irrigation system for crop protection. Smart water management can offer a more resilient and efficient water supply to improve sustainability and reduce watering costs. 

  1. Protect your plants 

Statistics suggest that roughly 20 – 40% of crops are lost to insects, pests and diseases. Unfortunately, most farmers are unaware of the new medications and insecticides designed to tackle this problem. These drugs help improve your farming productivity and yields. However, some of these chemicals can be harmful, so you might learn more about their application and wear protective clothing for proper handling and use. It can also be useful to seek technical support in spraying such chemicals to protect your farms and crops. 

Although crop yield can be complex, it is vital for your farm. Learning how to improve your farming productivity is a top priority for every farmer, so you might want to consider the tips mentioned above to boost your yields every year.

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