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Top Tips for Making Over a Holiday Home

Whether you and your family make the use of your holiday home, or perhaps you solely use it as an extra income, a tired and run-down holiday home will not make an effective investment property over time. With the rise of sites such as Airbnb, it is now even easier for you to make a regular extra income from your initial investment. However, you will need to make sure that your property ticks all the boxes when it comes to attracting potential new visitors. While you might feel that the run-down charm of your holiday home is ideal for getting away from it all, the chances are that your target market might not have the same opinion.

If you are looking to makeover your holiday home for business use, then it is vital that you keep costs down. Unless you plan to enjoy the property for several months each year, you will be throwing money away if you plan a makeover that costs thousands – and you only manage to secure one or two bookings. A budget makeover does not mean that the end result will look cheap, however; there are a variety of ways that you can make your property look both stylish and luxury while remaining fully on budget. When planning any makeover, be sure to pay key attention to the essential rooms of your home: the kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms will require you to spend a little more money on long-lasting and stylish materials, that will also remain in good condition for many years to come.

Make the most of your space

Whether your property is a rambling stately home or a small thatched cottage, you can make the most of the space and original features when planning any home makeover. If your property has a cramped downstairs dining room and kitchen, then why not consider knocking through to create an open plan entertaining and eating space? While if you currently have two bedrooms upstairs, could you use a sofa bed or even bunk beds in one room to appeal to families and larger groups? If your home boasts stunning period features, then make sure that you accentuate these – as guests will want to visit your holiday home to escape to something unusual and different.  Keep original brick walls intact and be sure to use subtle lighting around your holiday home to make windows and sculptures stand out. Getting rid of these original additions will make your property rapidly lose value, so it is vital that you take your long-term financial gains into consideration also.

Make it unique

Remember, that any guests who have booked to come and stay at your property will have done so to escape reality and have a change from their daily routine. So, they will love any unique and personal touches that you have scattered around your holiday home. From trinkets and souvenirs from your travels to old family photographs, make sure that you create a space that is both practical and user-friendly, while still celebrating your family history. As you would with your current property, be sure to consider which demographic you will want to rent out your holiday home too. If you have a lot of sentimental objects and items on display, then you may want to keep your home exclusively for adults and couples. While, you could use higher shelves and bookcases for your personal touches, to ensure that they remain out of reach of small hands. Be sure to create a feel that is as unique as you are while remaining practical for a weekend or week away.

Invest where needed

Remember, that as with any property makeover, it is vital that you invest in rooms or areas of your holiday home that need work completed. You may want to take on a property surveyor before beginning any work, to identify if your holiday home may need some more serious restoration work completed. Be sure to advise your neighbors and the local council if you are planning makeover work that could impact property owners around you. Once you have completed these high-level steps and had the all clear, you can begin to invest time and attention in your holiday home. Rooms such as the kitchen are worth spending a large chunk of your budget on, as they will be used for cooking, entertaining and as a living space for your guests. Be sure to choose quality materials for your kitchen worktops, materials such as Cambria Whitney quartz provide a stylish and durable solution. Next, make sure that your kitchen cabinets are in a colour that is practical and easy to clean and maintain. Darker or more neutral tones are ideal and are less likely to show scuffs and dents over time. Finally, choose a floor material that will stand the test of time. Tiling is great if you are looking to rent out your holiday home to an older market. While water resistant carpets are better suited to families visiting with small children and their pets. Make sure that you choose practical, affordable options for your holiday home.

When investing in a holiday home, it might seem unusual to put aside some of your budget to carry out a few home improvement projects. However, if you want to attract a wider range of guests and are looking to create improvements that will increase the value of your property over time, then be sure to choose materials that will last for many years to come and look stylish and sophisticated. Make sure that you consider the space on offer within your property and highlight period features. Be sure to include unique touches and features, as these act as a selling point that will make your home stand out. Finally, do not neglect to complete any essential maintenance work, and invest in key areas such as the kitchen as these rooms will get the most use both over time and on a day-to-day basis. Investing in your holiday home will ensure that you have a steady flow of visitors all year round, providing you with a welcome additional income.

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