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Top 4 Countries For Property Investments

The property market is a constantly fluctuating market that can make you rich or poor, depending on how you play it in your investment strategy. So, naturally, it’s important when you enter the property market to be aware of all the common risks so that your investment can be as safe as possible./ Investing successful in the property market requires analysis, observation, a healthy level of risk management, and careful administration of your portfolio. It is about picking the best possible location for your property – in other words; you need to avoid locations that are potential risk areas – to move forward with the investment. Working with a professional advisor is a key step to define your budget and find the best property at the best price for you. But once you’ve considered the risks to avoid, it’s time to focus on the opportunities that you can’t afford to miss, such as the best four countries for property investment at the moment.

#1. Portugal

Portugal is one of the best places to invest in overseas property as it is one of the sunniest spots in Europe and at the same time it’s also one of Europe’s best bargains. There are two main spots that attract property investors, namely Algarve along the coast and Lisbon the capital city. Short-term holiday rentals or long-term rentals for locals are attractive solutions for investors. With the restrictions on coastal construction, you know that you will be looking at high-value properties in Algarve at a very affordable price compared to the local market. Lisbon offers all the compelling attractions and facilities of the big town with a budget-friendly price of as low as €1,500 per square meter.

#2. Colombia

Colombia offers similar bargains that are associated with a high increase in rental demand. Cali and Bogotá are two growing markets for property investment strategies in Colombia. The reason for the high demand in rentals is that Latin America is currently experiencing a business boom in digital enterprises and solutions, from retails to law offices. As a result, business travel is heavy and requires short to long-term rental accommodations. But this hub for business is also attracting tourists throughout the year. In other words, Colombia is a winning destination for rental property investments.  

#.3 Mexico

Another site that is constantly growing in terms of rental demands is Mexico, and especially Playa del Carmen that attracts international and domestic tourists throughout the year. While the properties are not as affordable as in Colombia and Portugal, they present a high rental ROI of above 80% per year. You can trade the real estate in US dollars, and the expenses related to the rental are in Mexican pesos, which can give you a nice financial advantage.

#4. Brazil

The Brazilian tourist spot, Ceará, attracts over 60 million domestic tourists per year. International tourists are starting to develop an interest in this beautiful region too. The bonus point with Ceará is that it doesn’t rely on foreign tourists to thrive. Benefiting from a weak currency, an investment in Ceará allows you to buy in an expanding area before the projected infrastructure – such as a new airport and a state highway – increases the property value.

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