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The Most Popular Consultancy Businesses Driving Organisational Change

Consulting is one of the oldest professions. At root, it involves offering your expertise to companies so that they can make more money and improve conditions for critical stakeholders, including employees. With the economy becoming increasingly sophisticated and interconnected, there’s a need for firms to be able to find people who can help them adapt to the demands of the modern marketplace.

What’s interesting about the consulting industry is how it both drives and reacts to megatrends. We see new consulting opportunities emerge all over the place. Here’s are some of the most popular consulting business ideas that can drive organisation change. 

Environmental Consulting

Today’s companies don’t just want to make money: the people at the top of management also want to protect the planet, even if that means lower profits in the short term. The reasons for this are simple: the top brass wants to ensure that the world of tomorrow is inhabitable and enjoyable for their children. And they want people to be wealthy enough to continue buying their products. If harvests fail and food prices shoot up, people will struggle to have money left over to buy their products; or so the thinking goes. 

Firms, therefore, need environmental consultants: people who can explain to them how to be more sustainable in a cost-effective way. Currently, environmental consulting is an active field, both for political and technological reasons. Innovations in sustainable energy are making “going green” much more affordable for the average company. 

Franchise Consulting


According to LimeLicensingGroup.com, the franchise market expanded more than 70 per cent in the UK over the last ten years. Franchising offers modern workers what they want: the ability to earn a decent income, but also the flexibility to organise their work how they want. Becoming a franchisee is a bit like becoming an entrepreneur, but with less personal risk. 

Making franchises work, however, remains a challenge for many people who get into the space. They need consultants who can help them identify opportunities and leverage the occasion as much as possible. 

IT Consulting

Information technology is powerful. At the same time, it’s continually changing, meaning that most firms are on the back foot. Yes, better solutions might be available, but don’t expect management to be aware of it. Things move too fast to keep up with all the latest goings-on. 

Firms need IT consultants to put them on the right path; to tell them which systems they should implement, and which they shouldn’t. Companies also need IT pros to manage their workflows and ensure the security of their networks. 

Investment Consulting

Not all companies understand how to make the best use of the cash that they generate according to startupfreak.com. From an operational perspective, they may excel, but they might also be financially naive. Your job as an investment consultant is to help them make better decisions with the money that they generate, including how to minimise tax and maximise return in the stock market. A lot of firms will make rash financial decisions that hurt their long-term cash generation. 

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