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The ABCs Of Showing Employees That You Care

Getting more out of your employees is one of the greatest triumphs any entrepreneur can achieve. And showing them that you actively care about them is a key step en route to success. It will encourage them to respond in the same manner, which ultimately means better results for the business.

While mastering the realm of recruitment is naturally the perfect starting point, it needs to be followed by the right protocols. Here are three simple steps that will reap the rewards.


Most employees find motivation from within. Nonetheless, there’s nothing like gaining a little acknowledgement of a job well done. A little praise goes a long way to confirming that hard work gets rewarded and doesn’t go unnoticed.

There is no escaping that financial rewards, from bonuses to salary rises, are the chief answer. Other forms of acknowledgement can include written praise, vocal praise, or mentioning them on social media. Employee of the Month awards and staff perks such as finishing early or working from home can help too.

When employees feel valued and respected, it shows that you care. Moreover, they will naturally be inclined to underline their value to the business. When added to the fact it can encourage colleagues to do the same, you’d be a fool to miss out on those possibilities.

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Staff benefits that are earned play an important role in motivation levels. However, simple benefits and gestures also show your commitment to their wellbeing. When you get this right, there will be no room for ambiguity. Employees will see you care and subsequently take greater pride.

Providing employees with eyecare vouchers is a great idea. Not only does it show you care about their health, but it removes potential distractions that could impact their work. Other ideas, such as paid gym memberships, provide similar benefits. Better still, a better body image helps employees represent the business in style. 

As long as you take a calculated approach to this process, finding mutually beneficial schemes is easy. In turn, you can create a far better company culture, leading to faster growth. Sustainability relies heavily on the endeavours of your team. Do not forget it.


Finally, you need to ensure that the day to day working conditions are of the desired standard. Otherwise, it is very hard for employees to truly feel as though you understand and appreciate their situations. Conversely, putting these strategies in place will pay dividends.

When looking at office spaces or shop floors, it’s essential to choose good staff room facilities. Meanwhile, water coolers and coffee machines are equally great additions. If it’s a construction site, the portable toilets should be clean while all safety facilities must meet the expectations. Crucially, it’s imperative that there are enough workers to complete the tasks.

Good lighting, the encouragement of communication, and strong employer-employee links help too. First and foremost, positive working conditions show employees that you care. The fact that it brings a host of benefits for productivity and client relations is merely a bonus. 

Another staff benefit you could offer is corporate jewellery: It’s a nice keepsake that your employees can have, whilst it also acts as a marketing tool for your brand. So it’s a win win all round!

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