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Tech Trends You’ll Want to Invest in Now

Investing in the tech sector isn’t always easy; things move so fast that it can be difficult to know what is worth your time and attention and what is nothing more than a flash in the pan. However, if you can get in on the best next-gen tech as soon as possible, you can be almost guaranteed to profit.

Bearing that in mind, here are some of the (mostly) next-gen tech trends that are set to take 2018 and beyond alight. Invest in them, and you’re unlikely to regret it:

AI Foundation

Artificial Intelligence isn’t exactly a new technology, but it is becoming more advanced all the time, and if you can invest in AI systems that can perform intelligent tasks that are currently taken up by expensive human manpower, or AI that is able to learn new tasks and improve its own capabilities, then you can’t go wrong. We are going to see many more of these technologies become available between now and 2025, when it is predicted AI will really come into its own, so get in on the ground floor now.

Smart Apps and Analytics

How many of us use apps? How many businesses use analytics of some kind or other? Most of us, right? Well, soon we’re going to be using completely different applications and analytics – intelligent ones which are able to process and learn from information, augmenting reality for a seamless meshing of real life and the digital world. These are another tech trend that is sure to make a good investment.

Membrane Switches

Membrane switch manufacture might not seem particularly sexy and membrane keypads aren’t exactly new, but modern, custom-made ones are something else.If you don’t even know what a membrane switch is – it’s a small electrical keypad which is typically made from plastic and which can be used to gain entry to buildings. If you invest in them now, you could see reasonable profits in the future. Why? Because security is becoming a bigger and bigger concern all the time and being able to have a waterproof keypad, which will keep working whatever the weather is and which is perfectly tailored to a companies need including new technologies, an obvious advantage.

Digital Twins

Digital twins are basically digital versions of real-world systems and entities. It is thought that by 2020 they will be in regular use for a range of applications and they will transform the way we do things by using connected sensors and end=points to improve the way operations are performed, provide information in real time and respond to changing circumstances almost instantaneously. They will transform the way businesses work and improve productivity beyond measure.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you must by now have heard of Blockchain and Bitcoin in particular, after the currency exploded. Although it’s worth being cautious before investing in Blockchain technologies, there is no denying that it is the future of online exchange and there is money to be made by either investing in currency or offering it as an option for your customers.

What will you be investing your money in in 2018?

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