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Startup Owners: Are You Investing In The Right Protection For Your Business?

While it’s possible to start a new business with next to nothing these days, there is an argument that it is inadvisable. Why? Well, because of the many things that can go wrong for a fledgling business, the truth is that you need a considerable amount of money to pay for the right protections. And the earlier you can do it, the better.

There is a lot on your plate when you are starting a business. Product development, marketing, and sales are likely to take precedence over everything else. But failure to give yourself a safety net and invest in the right protection can lead to disaster faster than you might think. Here are some of the key things you need to consider when starting up your business.

Legal protection

A reputable and experienced business lawyer who has knowledge of your industry is an absolute must for many startups.  They will be able to help you set up your company within the correct legal framework, ensure your contracts are watertight and protect you against things like industrial espionage. When you are just starting out, it might seem like hiring a lawyer is unnecessary – but it won’t be long before you might need one.

Technology protection

The vast majority of businesses rely on technology these days. But too few startup owners are concerned with protecting their data, equipment, and systems. Don’t make this mistake. Whether it’s corrupted RAID repair or just a simple software recovery, it’s essential that you hire the right levels of expertise, either in-house or from an external company. And always be wary of the potential of hackers to break into your system and make off with valuable information on you, your customers, and your suppliers.


Things go wrong all the time in business, sometimes through no fault of an individual. And the consequences of accidents at work, breakdowns, theft, or a natural disaster can be devastating for any business, let alone a startup that hasn’t yet found its feet. It is vital, then, that you invest in adequate levels of insurance cover, to ensure you have protection when an incident like this occurs.


Cash flow and financing are the lifeblood of your startup. So it is important to invest some time – and money – in seeking out ways of keeping your new business afloat, especially for the first couple of years. An accountant is an absolute minimum – they will help you keep your finances in good order, and suggest growth strategies, cost-saving opportunities, and a whole bunch more. But you should also invest some time in seeking out investment opportunities for your business: buying another company, for example, or entering new markets and developing a new product.

Competitor research

Finally, ensure you are spending enough on competitor research, It is vital that you know what your rivals are doing, so you can stay ahead of them and keep your nose in front. Without competitor research, you will find your business reacts to situations, rather than preempts them. The consequences of which might prove terrible for your startup.  

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