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Simplifying Tech For Your Company: Getting Back To Basics

Everyone wants a modern company that utilizes all the latest technology. But have you looked at all the latest gadgets and gizmos that are now out there on the market? They now look more complicated than ever before! But there are some easy ways to simplify all the tech in your business. Interested in getting back to basics? Here’s how!

Make Payments Easier

If you have a physical shop, you can’t just expect people to always pay you in cash. These days, many people prefer to pay on their debit and credit cards as it’s a lot safer than carrying a lot of money around. However, there is one downside to accepting card payments. The machines and terminals that you need for payments are quite bulky and can be tricky to use. But there is one simple solution to this. Get a credit card reader for your smartphone. All you need to do is attach the app and download the app. Swipe a card and the payment will be sent to your bank account!

Streamline Marketing With Newsletters

It can be easy to end up using all your time and effort in your marketing. You could end up spending a considerable amount of time writing blog posts, updating social media, and writing press releases. But why not streamline all this with newsletters? Use a service such as Tinyletter to create eye-catching emails to drop into your customers’ inboxes. You can include anything you want in your newsletter such as news about new product launches. In fact, these days many companies are sending out their blog posts direct to inboxes!

Cloud Storage

Remember back in the early days of computers when you had to spend forever finding a floppy disc to store all your information on? Well, thankfully, those days are well and truly over. Storing all your information and data safely is now a lot more simple thanks to cloud technology. This consists of online storage. All you need to do is sign up to a company who offers this kind of technology, and then you can start storing your files online. This is very useful, as it means if a computer ever breaks, you won’t lose any information.


It’s also now possible to build a stylish and effective website without hiring an expensive website developer. Thanks to specialist websites such as WordPress and SquareSpace, you can quickly make your own website in just a matter of minutes. There are many templates and themes that you can download for your site for a small fee. But if you want something extra special, you could always hire a freelance graphic designer. They can help you improve the site with some cool graphics and branding. It could also be worth hiring an SEO specialist to ensure your website climbs to the top of Google’s search rankings.

So, as you can see, technology doesn’t have to be so complicated. And if you use all the above tech, you’ll find that your company becomes a lot more efficient.

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