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Revealed: The Business Case For Investing In Eco-Friendly Properties

We all know that it makes sense to invest money in bricks and mortar nowadays. The interest rate on savings is at an all-time low, and other forms of investment can be decidedly riskier than property. Let’s face it; people always need a place to live, and so even in tough economic times, you’ll still get a regular rental income on your properties.

There’s no denying that the landscape is changing in the property market. Tenants and homeowners are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and keep their utility costs down simultaneously. As such, there is a definite trend for eco-friendly or “green” housing nowadays. With that in mind, here’s why your next investment property purchase should be greener:

Eco-friendly properties will stand the test of time

The thing about houses made from standard construction materials is that they often need regular maintenance and repairs. Traditional items like wood can rot in as little as five years, especially if treated timber doesn’t get used during a home’s construction.

Many of today’s eco-friendly properties get built using recycled steel beams for the frame instead of wood. Doing so means they aren’t prone to the usual problems of wood rot and even damage from termites and bees.

The market share is rising

If you want to be part of the next big thing to hit the property, now is the time to invest in greener properties. That’s because more of us are looking to rent homes made with sustainable and durable materials. Tenants and even those looking to buy houses would prefer their abodes are kinder to mother nature.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to build a yurt or a mud shack to have an eco-friendly property! Many of today’s greener homes look almost identical to ones that use conventional building materials. That is part of the appeal to those looking to have the “best of both worlds” in a manner of speaking.

Websites like Fortunate Investor may give you a lot of information on how to invest your money. But, the greener living market is expanding at a phenomenal rate, and so you should put serious consideration into buying an eco-friendly home to rent out or sell on later.

Greener homes have a higher value

Because more people are thinking about the impact they have on the environment, they want to live as “green” as possible. With that in mind, the homes they want to live in must be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Because of that, demand is growing exponentially in those types of properties.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy an eco-friendly house to rent out or to sell at a later date. You’ll usually find that a healthy profit can be made from selling the property, even if you “flip it” just a few months after your purchase date!

Eco-friendly properties are trendy

Aside from the environmental aspects, more of us are flocking to eco-friendly houses because they are the “in thing” right now! Let’s face it; most people don’t want their homes to look the same as their neighbors’ ones. In fact, they wish to make their properties as unique as possible.

Some of today’s greener houses have a futuristic look to them. So, aside from being kinder to mother nature, modern eco-friendly homes are also visually appealing!

The air quality is better

Have you ever read up on what goes into the products and materials used to build a house? If not, don’t worry because you aren’t alone. However, if that has now piqued your curiosity, you’ll soon discover something shocking – they aren’t good for your breathing!

It’s no secret that timber gets treated with all kinds of chemicals to ensure they last as long as possible. And we all know that things like paint and sealants also have various chemical ingredients.

The trouble is, those ingredients usually contain toxic chemicals. You can usually tell if there is a notice on the raw materials about them having high VOC (volatile organic compounds), for example. They might also contain ingredients such as formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.

Because eco-friendly homes use more natural or recycled materials, the VOC content in them is likely to be small or non-existent. That means your breathing and respiratory system won’t suffer the effects of toxic chemicals mixing with the air around you. So, if you suffer from asthma or find it hard to breathe, you’d benefit from living in a greener home. And that’s part of the reason why the market is growing so fast!

A must for technology buffs

Eco-friendly housing isn’t all about growing grass on your roof or pumping in and treating water from a local river. Today’s green homes feature an array of technology to impress even the harshest of critics!

Solar panels and heating is one such example. But, there are others like wind turbines for electricity generation and even ground source heat pumps. And it’s possible to light up rooms on a sunny day using “sun pipes”!

But that’s not where the technology ends! You’ll usually find integrated control systems that allow you to do things like manage room lighting from a smartphone app. In fact, there’s plenty of “smart” technology inside today’s modern eco-friendly houses.

As you probably know, technology is a big selling point when it comes to the real estate market. Whether you’re selling on a property or renting it to tenants, it can prove to be a big decision influencer.

Cheaper living costs

As mentioned briefly earlier, one of the draws of greener housing is the lower living costs. If you’re generating your own electricity and heating, you’ll pay little to nothing to an energy supplier. Even fresh water can get pumped in from local sources, with gray water filtered through a septic tank system and into a drain field.

With the rising cost of fossil fuels, energy companies are fast running out of ideas for power generation. Because they have to “explore” new sources of fuel, the cost of doing so gets passed onto the consumer.

Leading a sustainable lifestyle has many benefits, one of which is the obvious cost-saving features of an eco-friendly home.

Final thoughts

An investment in an eco-friendly home makes perfect financial sense. It could even convert you into leading a more sustainable life!

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