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How To Renovate A Kitchen To Boost Value

A fresh remodelled kitchen can immediately boost the value of a property. However, there are some décor blunders to avoid, not mention other renovations that could cost more money than the added value that they bring. Here are a few tips to ensure that your kitchen renovation is a success. Remember, always use reliable construction workers and look out for the best deals by buying from specialists like a ready mix concrete supplier.

Add more lighting

Brightening a property up is an easy way to add value. A new lick of glossy white paint may be enough to reflect the sunlight more and brighten up the room. However, installing extra lighting is likely to be a more effective method. Avoid spot lighting if your purpose is purely to add value as this lighting costs a lot to install and you may not make up the value. Instead, consider track lighting – an electrician will be able to install this for cheaper and it will provide a similar brightness.

Change up countertops

An old countertop can devalue a kitchen. Consider putting in new worktops to give it a fresh look. Luxury materials such as marble are very expensive and are thought to be going out of fashion. You may be better off choosing a natural acrylic stone countertop such as a Hi-macs system. Another option could be repaint and refinish your countertops – there are now granite spray paints that can make a cheap plastic countertop look like luxury stone.

Replace old flooring

Kitchen flooring can get worn over time and make a property feel tired. Get rid of any old linoleum and consider laying down some polished ceramic or wood. Click-fit flooring is an easy-to-install option that could save you the hassle of hiring a professional. Avoid controversial flooring choices such as chessboard tiles or glittery lino that could put off some buyers.

Repaint cabinets

Paint on kitchen cabinets can also start to fade and get worn. Rather than buying new cabinets, give you kitchen a facelift simply by adding a new coat of paint to these cabinets. Try to choose something neutral, as some people may be put off by loud and bright reds and greens.

Add a new tap

If your property’s kitchen tap is looking mottled or simply looks old-fashioned, upgrading this could be another way of adding some value. Chrome taps are very trendy right now, particularly pull-down ones such as the Milano pull-down tap. You could also opt for boiling water tap to bring an extra touch of luxury. Whilst upgrading the tap, you may as well upgrade the sink too. This could be a ceramic sink or stainless steel, just make sure that it blend in with the rest of the kitchen décor. You’ll likely want to hire a plumber to put in this new sink, although some keen DIYers may be able to save money by doing it themselves.

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