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Reasons Not to Dispute Credit Report Errors Online

Technology has revolutionized everything in our lives. You can order a pizza online from the office, work from home and even make an online inquiry about your credit report while on the go. But some things like disputing a credit report error online should not happen. Of course, they will look at your issue eventually, but there is no additional convenience in following this route. The best way to go about resolving this issue is to find an expert who will help you. After reading the reasons below, you should avoid disputing your credit report errors online.

No Trail for Reference

Technology has benefits and disadvantages as well. After sending your email or filling out a dispute form online with the credit bureaus, it might not be available for reference depending on their system. This information is important when you want to clear the errors that you have discovered. In fact, if you dispute a credit report error online, it might also be difficult to attach bank documents or any other document that you might want to beef up your case. When you or your agent visits the credit bureau offices, you can carry a copy of all documents and obtain a receipt note immediately. This increases your chances of getting help.

Time Challenges

The credit bureau staff receives hundreds of disputes every day. Initially, they used to take up to 24 hours to solve your issue. But today, you will be surprised to get an auto-reply telling you that they will look at your issue within 7 days. According to Boostcredit101, a website that helps people improve their credit scores, you may not have the patience to wait for seven days. If you require a loan or any other financial help, you will need the error to be removed from your report in less than a week.

Again, this is another reason you must visit the credit bureau offices and wait while they serve you. Some issues do not need investigation particularly if you have carried documents for proof. You may wait for some hours, but you have a good chance of getting out of the building with a solution.

Fairness Is Not Guaranteed

Although there are regulations that are created to ensure that all issues are handled equally, it may not apply fully in this case. Cases that are raised online rarely get the attention they deserve. This is mainly because people are not there to clarify any unclear information or even to push for their error disputes to be resolved faster. Physical follow-up makes things simpler. If you have carried all the documents that you need, it will be easy to clarify issues immediately.


See, it is better to create some time and visit the credit bureau offices to raise any error dispute that you have. Doing it online may sound like a convenient shortcut, but your case will be handled using a lot of shortcuts as well. In fact, it may take longer to solve your issue than you may imagine.

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