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Three Reasons to Invest in Vancouver Real Estate

It might not be at the top of your holiday hit list, but it’s the ideal location if you’re looking to invest in a different market. With the added benefit of having an all-round fantastic climate, Vancouver is fast becoming top of the international real estate portfolio. Not only can you ski in the winter and enjoy hikes of the summer, Vancouver is known for its safety and stability, ideal for families and investors of all ages. Its low crime rates and high levels of ethnic diversity mean that Vancouver is fast growing as a region of choice, thanks to its cultural variety and laid-back attitude. Not yet sold on Canada? Read on to find out three reasons why you should consider Vancouver as your next investment project.


Can you see yourself living in Canada’s wonderful climate? What if you could add in low crime rates and a good school system to boot? In fact, the rate of violent crimes in Vancouver are at a reported all time low – good news for all family members. If you’re looking for a chance to invest, with your little ones in mind, then it’s also worth noting that Vancouver offers a range of excellent schools and institutions for your children. A Canadian education is second to none, with a whole host of outdoors activities and access to nature a given part of the syllabus – giving your little darlings an idyllic start in life.

Low Property Taxes

Compared to other locations, Vancouver is stable in more senses than one. Rather than being faced by varying mortgage repayment costs, causing added stresses and strains, in Vancouver your monthly outgoings will be steady, and much easier to predict. In fact, in this city mortgage rates have remained at a steady rate for the past few years, putting all those unnecessary worries to bed.

Not to mention it’s even easier to access a property loan in Vancouver than most other international locations. Just a 35 percent down payment will enable you access to a property loan – great news to help you get on the Canadian property ladder. Real estate experts such as Lorne Goldman realtor can provide impartial advice to help make those dreams a reality.


Vancouver is something of an anomaly for the Canadian property market. In fact, liquidity is high in the city, meaning that property turnover is high and fast. Even if you’re new to the property market, don’t let that put you off, as bids can be accepted and houses sold within the hour. Still, if you’re ready to get out there and explore the property market, there’s no time like the present. Vancouver’s lifestyle is attractive for investors of all ages, so it’s worth taking a risk and getting ready to view a range of properties – there’s definitely something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Pack those bags and check out Vancouver, Canada as your next real estate investment.

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