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Reasons for Choosing Serviced Apartments Over Other Options

There are quite a lot of choices available these days when it comes to holiday accommodation. You don’t have to book a hotel and pay a lot. Serviced apartments are getting more popular. They are cheaper, but you can still have a comfortable place to stay. This is an ideal choice if you don’t want to just go inside and sleep but want to feel like you are at home. Here are some more reasons to book a serviced apartment.

24-hour concierge service

Just like hotels, anytime you arrive at the place, someone will be there to receive you. Assistance is extended whenever you need it. You can ask for help regarding local transportation options, delivery services, local entertainment centres and many other things.

Great facilities

You can also enjoy a comfortable environment as if you were at home. This includes separate spaces for living and sleeping. You can also use the entertainment facilities available. There is also a telephone line and Internet access. The best part is having a fully-equipped kitchen. Unlike most hotels where guests are not allowed to cook, you can do so when you choose a serviced apartment. You don’t have to eat out all the time since you can prepare your meals in the apartment.

Customised experience

Another reason why serviced apartments are great is that you can have a customised experience. You can call ahead to secure your parking spot. You can also request for certain items to be placed in the kitchen cupboards. You can even request certain treats and have them anytime you want. You may also ask for a local tour guide or other services which you deem important for the trip.

More privacy

The good thing about serviced apartments is that you have more freedom to do whatever you want. You can work and relax at the same time. The place is spacious enough for you to even continue the pending tasks you have back home. You can speak with your family and friends in the middle of the night without worrying that you could be disturbing other people. On average, serviced apartments are 30% larger in terms of space. Even if you have kids with you who are also loud, it will be perfectly fine.

Heightened security

Just because you have chosen a serviced apartment over a hotel does not mean it is any less secure. They also have CCTV cameras, secure entry, roving guards and alarms systems. Only those who are staying in the apartment have complete access.

Given all these reasons, it is time to consider serviced apartments for your next trip. This is different from your usual hotel booking, but it could be better.  

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