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In the Real Estate Business? You Need an Online Presence

You’re in the business of selling homes, finding tenants, and making money through the property you own. Property in “the real world”. However, it’s 2017, and there’s a whole other world – the world wide web – that you have to incorporate into your business. It’s just a fact of life that if you don’t exist online, you only half exist offline. Spend the time developing your online presence, and you’ll be rewarded with more opportunities and deals – and you’ll also be able to put yourself out there in ways that have never been possible before.

Getting the Basics Down

You can curate your online presence as much as you feel comfortable doing, but you should at least have the online basics taken care of. This involves having a website and making sure that you have a good Google ranking. If you don’t yet have a website, hire an outfit like Original Element web design company; having it designed by professionals will give it a sleek, modern, and respectable look that can go a long way in establishing trust between a potential customer and your business. Additionally, take steps to ensure your website is in line with the latest SEO standards, and can thus be found on Google.

Finding New Customers

Being online will allow you connect with many, many more people than if you relied solely on word of mouth or local advertising. If your website has strong SEO, you’ll be getting found by people who might have otherwise never have discovered you. As soon as they see your website, they’ll know what you offer. There are also other ways you can make yourself available to those online, such as having a Google Business page. This will contain all your essential info (including a phone number, opening hours, email address, and business headquarters) so that they can decide which way will contact you.

Soliciting Reviews

If you’re experienced at what you do, you’ve probably dealt with many people who were thrilled with the level of service and attentiveness you showed. If possible, try to solicit reviews from these happy customers. Nothing goes quite as far as the opinion of a previous customer. It’s the modern version of word of mouth – people are much more likely to work with a company that has been recommended to them, even if they don’t personally know the person who is doing the recommending.

Social Media

To have a complete social media presence, you need to be on the big social media sites. Specifically, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Each one is different, and you’ll have a different voice for each; Instagram is a big more fun, Twitter a bit more professional, and Facebook a mixture of everything. Be active, and you’ll slowly build up a following with whom you can talk in a much direct way when compared to traditional mail and the like. You can also have all these social media apps installed on your phone, so you can update your pages and respond to messages even when you’re on the move.

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