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Protect Your Office in 6 Simple Steps

Protecting your office buildings and staff is a big deal and something that needs to be done properly and thoroughly. Certain security measures need to be implemented to make sure that your staff and all your business equipment are protected and safe.

It is not always easy to know where to start when looking at the ways that you can protect commercial office buildings and staff. With that in mind we have created a checklist on the safety measures you should be taking to ensure your staff and offices are safe and properly protected.


CCTV installations for businesses provide protection and security for office equipment and staff. You will therefore need to be looking into the different types of CCTV systems that match the needs of your office. Are you looking for a CCTV system that is located in key areas around your office, such as entrances, reception areas and car parks or are you looking for just one central CCTV system? Look into the different options available and get them installed as soon as possible.

Safe Building, Safe Staff

You will be surprised how many potential dangers and hazards there are speckled around your office building. Therefore it is really important that you hire the help of a building safety specialist like, heightsafe systems who will be able to come to your building and analyse any potential dangers and from there will be able to advise on the installations and security measures that can be taken to turn it into a safe and protected area.

This could be anything from railing off an open roof with a guardrail edge through to creating outdoor fire exit steps that ensure your building is protected in the eventuality of a fire. If you have personnel working in a particularly high risk environment, you will need to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure your workplace is as safe as it can possibly be. Again, a building safety specialist can help you to ensure that you are doing just that, so it is highly recommendable to seek the help from the specialists to give you the confidence that you are doing it right and that you are properly protecting your staff.

Car Park Entrance

Car parks are a really important areas for business owners to properly secure. You should be focused on the safest and most secure way for your staff to come and go, in cars or on bicycles, to and from the building. So you should be thinking about the best electronic car park security entrance systems on the market to ensure this key security area of your business is properly protected.

Burglar Alarm Systems

All businesses must have an alarm system. There is an extensive range of options available depending on what you are looking for. Wireless and hard-wired systems and intruder detection burglar alarms are the best way to prevent unwelcome intruders and also make sure that you receive immediately notification if there is any suspicious activity on your offices premises.

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