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How to Make Your Property Appealing to Young Professionals

Finding the right tenants for your properties can sometimes prove difficult. The best remedy to this is to have an understanding of what your perceived audience wants, and how you can better cater to their needs. Let’s take young professionals as an example. They’re looking to commute to and from work on a budget, so being close to local transport links is a fantastic draw. They’re also not too concerned about starting families yet, so studio and single bedroom apartments are perfect for young professionals. You’ll also need to factor in modern technology such as a fast internet connection and good mobile data coverage in the local area.

With so many things to consider, let’s discuss them in more detail and give you a better understanding of what it is that makes a property more appealing to a young professional.

Key Features

First, let’s go over some of the key features that young professionals are looking for in a home:

  • Cost is important. Try and make your property an affordable residential property or else it will be quickly swept under the rug and never considered again.
  • An open kitchen so they can entertain their guests while they cook meals or prep food
  • Pet-friendly. Many young professionals are too focused on their work to have spouses or partners, so they often get pets for a bit of company while they work hard
  • Storage and desks. Young professionals often carry plenty of electronics around with them for work purposes, and they need plenty of storage space for clothing, books and other materials that are important for their work.

Now, let’s go into more detail for some of the more important points.

Local Entertainment

The first thing to keep in mind is entertainment. A property that is close to well-known clubs, bars and pubs are going to be far more attractive than a barn in the middle of nowhere. Being close to shopping districts will also bump the rating up, and cinemas will be the cherry on top. The more local entertainment there is the higher your chance of making a successful sale to a young professional.

Transport Links

If there isn’t a bus or train station in sight, then consider your property off the list for young professionals. You have to attract them by having your property close to local transport links. They want to commute to work while at the same time-saving money on what they would’ve paid for a car, and they also want green and environmentally friendly methods of travel which is why public transport is so popular.

Proximity to Offices

If there are nearby offices, then this is a huge plus for any young professional especially if they plan to start their own business or if they work at a nearby industrial park. The closer the property is to offices, the more likely your property will grab people’s attention. The best places to invest right now are areas that are close to office blocks because they’re great at attracting professional workers.

Fast Internet

As mentioned in the introduction, no young professional can live without fast internet. Even mobile data speeds need to be taken into consideration because they will likely be travelling around, thus they need to stay connected even on their phones. Make sure you check your properties for their internet speeds and place them in your advertising messages to make it clear from the beginning.

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