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Pitching To Property Investors: What You Need To Know

Pitching to investors is somewhat of an artform that property developers will have to master if they want to become successful. It’s not an exact science, and so entrepreneurs will need to use some common sense during the process. However, there are some tried and tested techniques that seem to work well across the board. With that in mind, this article will provide readers with some tips and tricks you can use to get the best outcomes. Put these ideas into action the next time you have to pitch to investors and assess the results compared to previous attempts.

Pitching for small investments

In most instances, developers who only need small investments can publish all the relevant information online and send the link to people who might show interest. It’s also sensible to print all the info and send it to addresses from your mailing list. You can then hold Skype calls if anyone has questions to ask, or you could meet with the individuals in person to discuss the deal and iron out the kinks. The key is to make the info as widely available as possible, so it’s easy to attract keen investors and convince them to part with their hard-earned cash.

Pitching for medium-sized investments

When you want newcomer investors to part with more money, you’ll have to go a little further when it comes to securing the deal. In some instances, that could mean providing the individuals with the blueprints for the development and meeting with their legal teams. For that reason, it makes sense to find suitable representation from an experienced property lawyer. People in that profession will know how to design the contracts and provide guarantees to the investor. Medium-sized contributions often come in handy for:

  • Housing estate developments
  • Shopping center buildings
  • Commercial properties


Pitching for substantial investments

Some developers might want to attempt a massive construction, but that requires a lot of money. Companies like Conference Audio Visual hire lots of equipment that you could use to make your pitch. When you’re asking for a substantial contribution, it’s sensible to get as many potential investors together as possible. So, rent a concert hall or something similar and host an event. Use visual stimulus to engage the audience, and spend a lot of time planning your script. It’s vital that you appear knowledgeable and approachable when you take to the stage. So, always make sure you:

  • Dress the part
  • Smile
  • Present information in an authoritative manner

Hopefully, developers who use those strategies will stand the best chance of getting the investment they require. It’s possible to use some of the same tips when seeking to impress wealthy people for most other reasons too. With that in mind, try to remember the advice and put it into action the next time you have to seek some money for a project. Don’t worry if it takes a few attempts before you master the process. As with anything else in this world, practice makes perfect, and you’re going to need a whole lot of that.

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