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Why Nevis Is Becoming An Attractive Target For Real Estate Investors

It goes without saying that investors are always looking for the next big thing in real estate. They want to invest money in properties and developments that offer a high ROI. Often, serious investors will turn their attentions to overseas developments.

The small Caribbean island of Nevis is proving to be an investor’s dream come true. It’s an unspoilt location that attracts people wanting to enjoy paradise on Earth. So, what are the main advantages to investing in Nevis?


While there is tourism on the island, it’s still a rural island retreat. Located just 40 minutes away by boat from St. Kitts, it boasts a rustic charm. It’s also not a million miles away from neighboring islands. That makes it accessible yet secluded at the same time.

Perfect romantic break

Honeymooners and other couples alike will enjoy the romantic island getaway that is Nevis. That provides the perfect real estate opportunity for investors. Especially as luxurious rentals are in high demand on the island.

Accessible to American and European visitors

Although Nevis has a small airfield, neighboring St. Kitts offers the perfect travel connection. A flight to Miami is just three hours. And a long-haul flight from London in the UK is only 13 hours. Nevis is marketable as a premier destination for American and European visitors.

Green credentials

Nevis uses plenty of renewable energy. That makes it one of the most greenest islands in the Caribbean. Eco-friendly technology makes it possible to offer luxury accommodation to guests. Plus, it’s a big selling point for those seeking a more carbon-neutral retreat.

Infographic Designed By Four Seasons Resort Estates Nevis – Luxury Real Estate on Nevis

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