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How Modern Life Has Changed Our Cities

Teleporting may not be such a bizarre concept now that scientists have shared the secrets of bending space.  The theory is that travelling from point A to point B is impossible if the distance is so far we’d have to travel at the speed of light, however if you fold space so that point A and point B meet, you can get to impossible distances, instantly.  Of course they have a theory and they believe it is possible, it’s just that we haven’t got a clue how to do it.  If however we work out how to bend space then surely the next step is bending time and, if you haven’t worked out what this has to do with modern life changing our cities, it becomes easier to imagine someone walking in from 1960 and landing straight into 2017 to see how the world has changed.

The first thing that they would notice is the way our architecture has changed.  Skyscrapers now tower over most major cities and whilst to some they may seem too tall to survive a major earthquake, we have made such huge advancements in structural engineering that even 100 stories up you can be as safe as when you are on the ground.  The way design has changed with large, LED lit covered walkway solutions, helping protect commuters from the sun or heavy rain, or bright lit up buildings designed to impress, such as The Shard in London, would surely be mesmerising to anyone walking out of the 1960’s.  Imagine the feeling as they discover how technology has shaped these buildings and the way businesses within them operate.

The next thing that would shock them is the amount of traffic on our streets, not just cars, buses and trains but the fact there are electric cars and even vehicles which drive themselves.   The rise of the autonomous car would surely blow their minds.  Vehicles that can read the environment around them and safely propel their passengers from A to B without injury or chaos, thanks to innovative technology and an inertial navigation system.  They would soon realise how simple the future is as they discover wireless technology which has enabled touchpay solutions, meaning less delay whilst commuting or smaller queues in the coffee shop.  

It wouldn’t take long for them to notice that is a sea of people, they are the only one looking up, as commuters travel around looking down at their handheld devices.  The amazement of discovering you can stay connected to the world whilst rushing from a meeting, that you can be shopping for your holiday whilst taking the bus, or following a navigation system which can help you find your way around alien cities, would be an incredible concept had you never seen it in real life.

Urban living is special today and is set to become even more exciting, especially if scientist finally work out how to bend time.  We have had the benefit of slowly seeing our cities taking shape into the wonderful and beautiful places they have become today.  Take a step back and appreciate how modern life has changed the environment we live in.  

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