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Making Time Your Biggest Business Asset

A big struggle any business has is to do with time or lack thereof. It is a constant battle to get things done to a good quality in the allotted time, and whether you are outsourcing other contractors, or you are a working one yourself, finding yourself in a precarious position against the race of time comes down to one simple thing. And you know what it is, time management. It’s such an overused term, but what can you actually do to manage your time properly? The answer is, surprisingly, simple.


This is the first step to getting anything done properly, not just in an allotted timescale. They say that proper preparation prevents poor performance, and it’s true. This is especially true if you’re working in a team. So much time is wasted in construction by a lack of foresight, and no wonder builders get such bad reputation if they barely prepare anything and just work on the fly. Focus is a major task for anyone, and by giving deadlines, it helps to create that focus. Preparation combined with decent communication will make for a smoother job and a better working atmosphere.

Have The Tools

This is not just about having your own tool belt, but using the right systems and tech to run a modern business will help to shave hours of tasks off your time. Using accounting software for your taxes can calculate everything for you, so you don’t have to waste so much time in frantically scraping every last piece of paper together in time for your tax return! There is even software that you can use to make your “on the job” tasks easier. You can use estimating software for contractors by Ensign, which is a tool where you can tally up everything to be sent to your client. Using software like this as a ritual will help when it comes to time management because it’s a handy place to have everything centralised. The benefits that having the right tools when it comes to pricing up housing work or installing electrics is almost as important as the tools to do the job itself!


Learning from your mistakes is a major turning point in any business development, and especially when it comes to time management. You discover that everyone has their own way of working, and some may be a good method and that some have a lackadaisical approach to time-keeping. But learning from your mistakes is such a simple thing to do, that we barely seem to do it. Making a big mistake is not a bad thing; it’s more an opportunity and an excuse to focus your efforts more intently. It sets you up for good habits, and it gives you the skills to notice a potential fork in the road. It’s simple but effective.

Simplicity is the key for any company to succeed, and whether you are a sole contractor or you are managing a group of people, the trick is to work smarter instead of harder, then you can really benefit.

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