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Making The Leap From Small Business To Enterprise

The vast majority of small business owners or small-time business investors have dreams of heading up to the big time. The trouble is, many small firms struggle to make the leap, and often end up staying at the same level – or, even worse, trying to grow and failing miserably. Starting a business is hard enough, but building it up successfully and safely is another entirely. With this in mind, here’s how investors and business owners alike should be trying to make growth and expansion a rip-roaring success.

Understand the possibilities

Ultimately, growing a business is all about having a vision. It’s not sufficient to want to be on the board of a multi-million dollar global corporation – you have to have far more compelling underlying reasons to achieve that goal. However, many businesses in any sector have the opportunity for massive growth. It’s all about how you attract the market and grow your share. And one of the key things you have to establish before you get started is your vision – what is it, and why does it matter? Answer these simple questions, and straight away you will have more chance of success.

Be better, not bigger

If you focus on growing your business, the chances are it will fail. However, concentrate on improving your business, and you will strengthen it continually until growth occurs naturally. So, always try to find ways of making your offering better than it is today – growth is quite often a nice little offshoot of that strategy.

Fix your cash flow

Money is essential if you want to grow. You can’t produce more without it – it’s really that simple. So, make sure you have a solid business plan to show off to investors and lenders, who most businesses rely on to fund their growth. It needs to be watertight on figures, estimates, and predictions – and it also needs to include every last dime when it comes to costs. A bad business plan with embarrassing omissions will sink your growth opportunity quickly.

Invest in systems

The systems you use for small business are a lot less complex than those you need to reach enterprise level. It’s important to invest in the right areas if you want to achieve success in your expansion. The good news is there are plenty of options out there, from software as a solution for contract management through to cloud-based servers which allow you to scale usage as you grow. Be wary of investing megabucks into new systems unless you are absolutely sure that demand for your products and services requires it.

Innovation is key

Ultimately, your products and services as they are now will have a market shelf life. It is important to remember this and to embrace innovation and new ideas if you want to keep your company growth on an upward curve. Never rest on your laurels, as doing so will, ultimately, result in failure, not a success.

Going from small business to enterprise takes guts, determination, and a lot of hard work. But follow these basic principles and you will find the task in hand is a lot easier – good luck!

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