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Own a Local UK Cash Generating Website | Digital Franchise

Create an independent living around your local lifestyle in the town you love!

Created by world leading digital experts, This is Our Town is one of the UK’s best new digital franchises. Franchising presents an opportunity to promote everything you love about your local town through your own comprehensive, forward-thinking and relevant media network – bringing local communities and businesses together.

Whether it’s news, restaurant reviews, events coverage or lifestyle pieces, we supply towns and communities with fun, informative and exciting content that matters to the people in your town – on demand – easily available through the use of our websites, mobile app, social media and directory.

With innovative design and powerful tech, This is Our Town gives you the opportunity to run your own town’s media network from just £9,999.

What do you get with your franchise?

Your franchise is packed with ready-built features across four great platforms that let you simply create, publish and share your content, in order to build your town’s audience and sell advertising to local businesses.

Responsive Website
The backbone to all your content and advertising is through your town’s website, beautifully designed and programmed to function smoothly, no matter how or where it’s viewed.

Mobile App
Free to download on Android and iOS, it offers mobile users another way of browsing any of your town’s content with a powerful and user-friendly application.

Social Media
Key to any successful town is the use of social media, amplifying the reach of your content to users of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – growing your town’s audience daily.

Your comprehensive directory of local businesses lets you easily find, contact and be contacted by people interested in advertising with your town or purchasing a premium listing.

How does your franchise make money?

Over £1 billion was spent on hyper-local advertising in 2015. This is Our Town is designed to take advantage of this huge market by offering local businesses several compelling forms of advertising – providing you with steady revenue streams. Promisingly, IAB UK recorded a 27.5% growth in yearly advertising revenues from digital display services – which simply means advertising on social and mobile platforms.


Featured on your website are a variety of advertising slots that we offer to local businesses, providing them with constant, high-value exposure to local audiences.

Content Marketing

This process takes the strategic approach of creating engaging, valuable and relevant content about a local business and distributing it to your platform’s local audience.

Public Relations

Sometimes a business needs a hand with forming a positive reputation and strong relationship with their local community, when they do, this is the package they ask for.

Premium Directory Listing

Your business directory isn’t just a plain list; when a business wants to elevate its profile with a bespoke listing, it pays to become a premium member.


Different to standard advertising, sponsorship increases awareness and builds a brand or business through positive association with sponsored news and events in your area.

Digital Marketing

We have the power and experience required to create sophisticated mobile apps, websites and more – all you have to do is sell this promotional package.

It’s not just about the features we offer you, we’re here to support you with a powerful brand,
comprehensive training, and years of experience in publishing and digital technology.

Please use the enquiry form below to access full details!

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