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Learning the Ropes of Property Development

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Learning the Ropes of Property Development

For some, the world of property development holds a dream of owning houses all over the country and developing a lucrative business involving buying and selling properties. To get to this point requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You also need to believe in your goal and not be afraid to make the odd mistake. However, if you are starting out on this journey, how do you get your foot on the property ladder?

Develop a Business Plan

Having a business plan is vitally important if you are going to make it a success. Even if you are only starting part-time, you still need to have a plan to allow you to see where your company is going. It is also important if you need financial backing for your venture, as banks and investors will not lend you the money if they don’t see a definitive plan in place. It also helps you to see what you will need regarding staff and the outsourcing of jobs to other companies.

Get Funding for Your Business

Some people who go into property development mortgage their homes to fund their business. Although this is one way to get the money you need, there are also other options. You can speak to friends or family to help you, speak to your bank, or find investors that are looking to make a return on their money.

Renovating Your Properties

You may wish to focus on properties that require renovation. You can do a lot of the work yourself if you have the skills; however, things such as planning permission and complying with regulations may need outside agencies. You will also need to work with contractors and other companies to complete some of the work. For example, sites like Expertsure take the headache from trying to find contractors to get quotes. You can then find the average price of £385.00 per window, and compare with the custom quotes that they provide. Using services like Expertsure allow you to swiftly complete tasks that otherwise can take up a lot of time.

Are You Going to Rent Out or Sell?

Once you have decided to take the plunge, you have to think about what you will do with the properties when you have bought them. You will want to renovate them to give you the best possible return on your money, but are you planning to sell them on for a profit? Are you going to rent them out, so you get a regular income? The decision depends on the logistics of your business. If you are going to sell the properties, then there is little other work other than the renovation that you will need to complete. If you are going to rent them out, you will either need to organize an agency to do this for you, or you could try to do it yourself.

Once you have sold your first one or two properties, you will have enough capital to start buying more. The process can take time, although the benefits of having your own business are considerable.


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