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Could Lack Of Accessibility Be Disabling Your Business?

There are plenty of things in this world that can do some serious damage to your business.

For one, there is the financial climate to consider. Currency and market crashes can happen, sometimes with little to no warning and reduce the spending power of nearly everyone worldwide. This can see your business worth less money overnight and the power of the cash in your accounts fade. This can be a serious worry for any business. Then there is the actual climate. Businesses in high-risk areas can be exposed to floods, hurricanes and earthquakes that can destroy stock and put a business at risk. The actions of criminals always need to be considered as well, hackers and thieves can disrupt our livelihoods, steal our cash and destroy the reputation of our business.

But what about the problems that we cause? There is a lot that you as a business owner can do to harm your business. Today, we’ll be looking at the accessibility of your business premises, because not only could a lack of accessibility stop custom, it could also be seen as discriminatory. You don’t need to be told how bad that is.

Say for argument’s sake that you operate a store in an inner city area. Your business has a tremendously high footfall due to its great location and on any one day, your store encounters people from all walks of life. That happens with a city centre store front! What happens if a lady in a wheelchair can’t access your building? At best, they don’t come back, at worst they vent their frustrations online. This is not their fault, but your business could have done a lot more to cater for customers needs. Installing a ramp says something – it says that you have considered the needs of customers who might need a ramp to get into the building. If your business is on the top floor of a building that you own, there is no chance that people with mobility difficulties will get into the business without accessibility lifts such as the ones offered by Terry Lifts. Thinking about these things shows that your business cares. Ignoring might show that your business doesn’t care. That goes for your employees as well. If they are not catered for by the business, they might not be as productive as they could be. If the business fails them, you might even end up involved in a lawsuit. Giving your customers and employees options in the accessibility of your building is always a good idea.

It’s not just about construction though, it’s also about behaviour. People with disabilities don’t deserve to be offended by staff with a lack of forethought. Good company policy and training on diversity and inclusion could do a lot to prevent this from happening.

The thing is, money is money – no matter if it comes from the hand of someone standing up, someone on crutches, or someone in a wheelchair. Money doesn’t discriminate, but you can – easily. If you want more money to enter your business, cater for people from all walks of life.

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