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Key Investments For A Big Impact At A Trade Show

Your business is a key investment across the board. When you are looking to make a substantial impact in any industry, you must remember that adage that you’ve got to “spend money to make money.” When you begin to look at the wisest investments to generate a strong sway a trade show is something that we’ve all got to think about. A trade show results in substantial impacts on a business. It can result in increased awareness of the brand and the product. If you want to generate excitement for your brand, especially when you don’t have much sway, a trade show is crucial. But what are the key investments to ensure that your trade show attendance is worthwhile?

Key “Real Estate” On The Floor

Real estate is valuable in any environment, and once you grab the best location possible, you will be able to make the most of foot traffic and grab as much interest as possible. Couple this with an exciting booth, and you won’t go far wrong! You have to remember that decorating your booth is crucial, and it all depends on the type of business that you are operating. A company like Glow Inflatables provides inflatable products that can reach out to people in a literal sense. You can visit here to check them out. Put simply, key real estate in a trade show is all about a place in the corner near the main entrance or near to the refreshments.

Marketing Staff

Looking for people that represent your company effectively is vital. When operating in a trade show, we can very quickly go for cheap workers that are there to “prop up” the booth. But the big problem with this is that they don’t have any decent substantial knowledge of your products. Investing in marketing staff that has the enthusiasm and the experience will help you to spread the word. You need to invest in a team that wants to be there. This means you have to find people that charge potentially a little bit more.


It’s so easy to purchase pens and bags that have your logo emblazoned on it, but a great giveaway will stick in the minds of potential customers much more. You need to give people a reason to turn their business cards over. Investing in a handful of giveaways that are a bit more than the norm is also useful. Think about something like first aid kits or portable phone chargers.

A Follow-Up System

The trade show itself is a breeding ground for acquiring new clients, but you’ve got to focus on a system that captures attend the information right away. You’re in the game of capturing leads and setting up follow-up appointments. If you have a handful of business cards, they could easily get lost without a proper system.

Making your impact in a trade show is not just about these rules, but it’s about making sure that you are present in the moment. You’ve also got to remember that the key investment with any trade show is the pre-show. You need people to come to the trade show aware of what your brand is and what it can do. 

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