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Keeping Your Home Safe This Christmas

With all the shopping, baking ,decorationg, and festivities that comes along with the holiday season, it’s important for us not to forget that we need to keep our home safe while we have fun. Especially with all the entre challenges we have already faced this year. So, on top of the wellbeing and health of your loved ones, make sure you also take some steps to keep your home safe this Christmas. 

Avoid Sharing Any Travel Plans Online 

Although the rules are different for everyone, and travel is certainly more restricted than we are used to. It is still important to make sure any holiday plan for Christmas are kepy offline. You should never post where you are going or advertise that your home is going to be empty. Providing any sort of information about your plans online is prime information for any potential thief. Even if you ahve the highest security setting set up on your accounts, it’s still best to avoid sharing this sort of informaiton online. 

Up The Security Of Your Home 

If you haven’t already got some of these in place, it’s certainly something to consider. The security of your home is really important, and unfortunately, nowadays it is important for us to make sure our homes are protected properly. Some of the ways you can do this include: 

  • Installing Thermal Cameras 
  • Adding A Deadbolt To Your Door 
  • Adding A Chain To Your Door 
  • Using Timers On Your Lights 
  • Installing Sensing Lights To The Outside Of Your Home
    And Others

Let Your Neighbour Know 

One of the best things you can do when you are going to be leaving your home empty at the Christmas is to let your neghbour know of your plans. A trusted neighbour is able to keep an eye on your home which can be the differenc ebetween it being secure or in danger. So, if you decide to leave your home empty during the holiday season make arrangements to have the snow cleared from your walkways and driveways, stop newspapers from being delivered, and have your mail collected while you are gone. If you have any parcels arriving inform the delivery company that you would like it left with a neighbour and let your neighbour know. If you have made arrangements for someone to come and check on your home it’s a good idea to let your neighbour know so they don’t jump to conclusions and think its a danger. 

Another way that you can make it less obvious that no one ishome is to harness the power of home automation. Adding a motion sensor light or using smart plugs and smart lightbulbs to control the lighting in your home, your TVs, and more can make your home appear as though it is full and occupied. 

Hide Any Gifts And Packages 

You need to make sure you out steps into place to protect your gifts and packages. One of the biggest mistakes you could make if you leave your home empty in the holiday season is to leave a nice pile of presents underneath the tree. You need to make sur you keep any gifts away from any peeping eyes, aswel as keeping any good away from anyone who is willing to venture onto your porch or into your back garden. Having a pile of presents in view, especially if you are away on the big day, coil dindicate that your home is empty and ripe for picking. It’s best to make sure that they are stored in a cupboard and out of site. Although it’s nice to see the presents under the tree, it is the prime place burgarlars will look when scouting out a house. 

Package thieves are likely to strike when there’s an unprotected parcel tempting them on the porch. Installing a video doorbell or security cameras can give you some protection, but as mentioned above, if you will be away it’s best to make arrangeemnts with your negihbours. 

If you have a parcel box, it can be less obvious and they can be hidden from potential thieves, you could also consider using a PO box or locker where you can go and collect your parcels instead. 

Be Wary Of Your Christmas Lights 

Fire hazards increase at Christmas, therefor it is important to make sure you watch them. Before you hang your lights on your tree or bouse, make sure you inspect the strands for frayed cords or any cracked lamps. If you want to prevent any accidential fires it is essental for you to throw away any strands with frayed cords and replace any of the broken lamps. 

If you need ot get new lights, make sure buy ones that you know have gone through the correct testing. It is important for you to make sure you always turn off all of your holiday lights when you leave or before tucking in for good nights sleep. It could be a good idea to use an outside timer so they automatically switch off. Make sure everyone in the house knows what to do if a fire alarm goes off, especially children. 

Check Your Heating Equipment 

No one wants to be cold through the winter, so it is important to make sure that any heating equipment is both safe and working properly. Heating equipment such as fireplaces, furnace, boilers etc. can quickly turn the holidays into a devasting time, if things go wrong or things stop working. Some tasks to make sure you tick off include: 

  • Having A Proffesional Service And Inspection Completed On Your Boiler Or Furnace
  • Change And Filters That Need It.
  • Clean Out Vent And Ducts. 
  • Have Your Chimney Swept And Make Sure Your Fireplace Ins In Good Working Order. 
  • Check The Batteries On Smoke Alarms And Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

This short guide should help you to keep your home safe this Christmas. Is there anything that you do to make sure your home is kept safe during the holidays that should be on this list? Please share them below. 

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